No-Limit Credit Card

Just wondering if any spirit has the power to grant a VISA/Mastercard credit card (unsecured) that has no spending limit or a very high limit. I’d make monthly payments on it. Or am i dreaming?

I asked for this one time but didn’t specify the type and received a reloadable credit card in the mail (the ones that you have to put $ on to use). Lol

Unless you have the money to back it up, I do not see a spirit to bring this to you. Credit has certain criteria that has to be met.

And you didn’t take this as a hint that you should ask for money or a better job or even… god forbid… budgeting skills?

I heard there was a spirit exclusive to the Big Rock Candy Mountains that could do this, but they’re damned elusive to find… :wink:

And you didn’t take this as a hint that you should ask for money or a better job or even… god forbid… budgeting skills?[/quote]

Budgetting is a bitch :slight_smile:

Did you ever consider combining divination & evocation with (for example) sportsbetting or investing in stocks?

Interesting you mention that. Just recently started asking around to see if anyone had a specific established method for stock market trading. The most I’ve done is ask for profitable trades/intuitive picking in a very general way. I’m sure many others are trying to influence stocks/the very business itself so it’s hard to say if it’s possible to directly influence trades yourself. Much like how winning a lottery is deemed to be impossible by many here via magick.

Unless you do another spell to make sure you have a constant flow of income so you keep up with your payments, this is a bad idea because that interest can be a bitch. I had a $3,500 credit card and spent it all one time when a demon ripped my life apart so he could rebuild from scratch to make it better but I had to spend the entire balance to survive during that time and I swear I’d make $100 payment every month and the balance would only go down like $30 every time because they’d use the other $70 for interest and fees which they kept re-adding every month so the next time my payment was due my balance went back up to almost where it was before because of the damn interest. Not a smart move.

Credit cards and loans are Present-You taking money from the pocket of Future-You.

But if the You of any timeframe was able to take money away from immediate expenses without pain, then starting a savings account NOW is actually the logical approach - even if you face low interest rates, they still bite less than credit & loan APRs.

This is honestly something from behavioural economics - scroll down this page to a subheading called “The Seductive Now-Moment” for an explanation.

Or just read this: “The Warm Little Boy vs. The Cold Little Boy” - inappropriate use of loans and credit is done by the warm boy who knows he can make those payments…

Here endeth granny’s lecture! :stuck_out_tongue:

Helping Building/Repair Credit:

Someone told me that if one gets a “Capitol One CC” it helps build good credit because of its high interest with consistent payments. I wouldnt know if this was true or not, but thought I’d put it out to find out.

Yes Capitol One builds your credit score however, miss one payment by more than 30 days and your score will suddenly drop like 300 points, not kidding at all. It happened to me because of the hard times I went thru when the spirit was rebuilding my life, I could not afford the payment one month and my score dropped down to 380 like overnight the instant they marked my bill as overdue. But when things got better and I was able to make payments again and make much larger than usual payments, each month my score increased drastically again so I’m back up in the 690’s range and almost back to where I was before but that late payment happened over a year ago and I’m just now getting my score back to a good level after making constant $100 per month payments for 16 months.