Okay, so for some of you, you know that I’ve been pushing for HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for transitioning (mtf) with my Doctors. So far, I’ve been turned down by two mental health doctors, but decided to push harder & even try to get another Doctor if need be.

Well my physical Doctor would & will tell me the following, which means that HRT isn’t possible for me. I have degenerative arthritis in my neck & spine. HRT would thicken the bones, but run the risk of causing further & serious damage to the existing condition which is pretty bad.

I know this because, Lucifer whom I made a pact with to help me t
get what I need to transition, told me so. I had secretly hoped it wasn’t the case, but after giving it some thought & looking into it myself, I know he’s right… Other than the fact that he’s never steered me wrong before. Just to confirm, he says to ask my physician on the matter, but it’s more to convince me & confirm what he’s said already.

But, he offered some alternatives : such as facial feminization surgeries, breast implants Ext. This will cost more, & will hurt like hell, but he says there’s spirits that I can work with to ensure the healing & shaping of my face to look natural… Which natural is what I’m looking for. He even said that he will help guide me to the one who is the best (meaning the best results). Again, the cost will be more, but I don’t mind paying for the best… It’s going to be my face & my life we’re talking about here.

So now it’s just going to be about taking the right steps & making the right moves to make that money kids.

I’ve yet to address getting his help in guiding me to what needs to be done in order to make that money. But, I feel he would & will any ways, as apart of our pact. That said, I feel urged to also work with other spirits to ensure things like the book I’m working on makes a lot of freak’n money. It’s not going to be my only book, but will likely be the only book of it’s nature that I write.

He’s encouraged me to become very skilled in using my artistic gifts & training ( as well as supernatural gifts) in order to aid in these goals. He also suggested that once I’m competent enough, that I could use my divination & clairvoyance & audience & intuition to help provide for myself & my goals.

So that’s my update. Somewhat let down, but not giving up. There’s always another way.


Im rooting you on, hope you get through all this smoothly.


Thanks, that means a lot to me.

Lucifer & a few other spirits have ensured that they & the people here will be with me, the whole ride. Lucifer says, “this is only the beginning”. So I know he’s not going anywhere.

It’s the people that I know personally that pose the most difficult in dealing with me changing my face, come that time. But, the ones that truly loved will cope & adjust. The rest will fall away.


Fuck the people who get in your way then. You ever need anything, just pm me. Im gay, people like us gotta stick together right lol?


We got your back.

Although I have absolutely no intention of transitioning over to female, I personally identify as a 4-5 on the Kinsey.

We all have your back, and our PMs are open.

Good luck.


Thank you so much hun’’. Good to meet another rainbow soul.

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Thank you very much… It’s good to know that I’m not alone in more way than one.

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Bestest of luck on your journey. :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:
It’s awesome to hear how Lucifer supports you.

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Don’t ever feel let down or defeated. Don’t give up, you have the power to change your destiny, just keep working at it, keep fighting!!! Everything will work out for you. Don’t listen to any naysayers…keep pushing for your happiness.


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It is, isn’t it? It gives me the smiles and warm fussy, tinglies just thinking about it. The support of the other spirits are awesome too, but his seems to mean just a bit more to me.

He did ask if I was “sure this is what (I) wanted”. Much like a loving Doctor would. But, I told him, “I’ve already made up my mind”. He just laughed knowingly, as everyone that knows me, once I set my will to something I get it in the end.

One of the spirits setting with me says, “for good or bad, I’ve always admired that about you”. I have a strong will, always have.

Thanks for the support. ~💋

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Thank you so much for your support! And confidence! I’m a pretty, naturally confident person, & don’t tend to let anything to stand in my way, not when it comes to what I really want.

Good to hear from you again. :purple_heart:

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Any ideas which spirit, angel, or Deity I could work with, the the future, to ensure successful healing & shaping of my face, when the time comes? Feel like some sort of shape-shifter preparing to take form here lol…

A little added thought: not being able to under-go HRT may be a blessing in disguise. It would have radically remapped my brain & altered my endocrine system so much that I feared would have effected things like my clairvoyance drastically… Possibly making it hard for me to use them.

I’m just curious but have you tried cow ovary supplements to help you yet? I used to take them for “old lady” reasons and saw a difference. There are two-soul people who sear by them.