No-fap challenge



Yeah read this and start practicing:


Thanks, that is some interesting stuff.


Why don’t asking me to help you learn? It is faster!


Does edging count?


Level 0
4 data without fap. Is a huge tension but I can keep hold. And yes I can feel a little more conference and some arogance.


And the benefits would be?


I just tried this technique out first time and I indeed felt less drained/fvcked up after ejaculation. I don’t know if I did it right(since the text is a bit confusing to me). Just draw the orgasmic energy from the back of the body to Soul Star Chakra/1st Transpersonal Chakra, and then direct it back to the front of the Heart Chakra. Maybe I need to fap more to master the technique.

This technique reminds me of chi kung standing meditation, pulling down the chi from heaven to the Earth and then direct the “enhanced chi” upwards to the body.


I might start this to try to cleanse my sacral chakra, and use that energy for other things.