Nitika's message

Sorry for this,but i feel i have to close every kind of issues i have with entities.

I called Nitika before some months with a bad attitude using threats and godnames to apear before me and obey my will.When i felt the arrival i asked if i can do something for him in order to bring me the money i wanted and he told me this:

'‘Go to the forum you post,and tell them about jesus christ.’'
The answer was very clear and it came as a sudden thought inside my head.

So there you go.
’‘Jesus Christ’’



no man, you gotta say it like

can i kindly take 45 minutes of your time to talk about our lord and saviour jesus christ?

you gotta do it harder. gotta make up that karma :smiley:

Lol.That’s what he told me.’‘Go were you write about magic and tell the others about jesus christ’’.
I have a feeling that he wanted to show me the power of christ over angelic beings or something like that.Or maybe how to command and conjure in his name and power.

When was this, just recently?

I’d watch that if I were you. If you call forth a demon with that kind of attitude he will fuck with you in the worst ways or even an over arrogant prideful angel. You got off the hook pretty easy this time but were u to offend a king like Paimon I’m sure he would make u regret it. As for god names, any entity will be less likely to do ur bidding with threats just as people are unwilling to do your will when you threaten them. Angels may be an exception I’m not really familiar with them like I am demons. However be careful.

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I think it was january.And i did this one only with nitika because i felt it was the safest choice.Honestly i don’t do such things because i don’t use circles or any kind of protection and in general but that time i lost control and went mad.