Would someone please give me specific advice about Nitika. What is the Nitika Chant? Is an offering required. If I don’t have all the tools will I get results? I am a newbie with black magic.

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If you search Nitika chant magick on Google you’ll get a lot of results. :+1:

Not within the New Avatar Power system Nitika is primarily found in, no, though a dressed candle afterwards as a thank you when you get results would sure be appreciated.

You don;t need tools to work with the New Avatar Power system, and they’re not essential to all magick, it depends on what the system you are following commands. This will be plenty for most people to begin with:


Nitika is a benevolent spirit, you only need his sigil to get in touch with him.


I’m in a financial crisis and I can’t afford that book. Could someone please tell me the ritual in need to do?

@DarkestKnight works with Nitika and maybe can share important insights


I believe its against the rules of the forum buddy

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Against the rules to give rituals?

No, links to download books Sebastien.
I don’t think anyone here is going to write down a book for you.


I shared some links to rituals.
I dont know if he checked that out.