Nitika Delivered Precisely 22x the Amount of Money Requested

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In November I requested a very specific amount of money within a specific amount of time. It was no inconsequential amount either (I’m not giving personal figures, sorry, just know that it was a stretch for even advanced occultists, of which I am not). I requested it within 4 days, and genuinely thought I’d get it in a very specific manner.

I was disappointed, or so I thought. I did not receive my sum, or anything within the timeframe, or even a cent within the manner I thought I was guaranteed to make money.

Then a few months later I receive another sum, an amount precisely 22 times the amount I asked for, though the means of receiving it were not pleasant (divorce, sigh, though I know it for the best and the King Belial’s hand guides this trauma for the better). For a few weeks I’ve suspected that Nitika was responsible for the payout, but pushed that thought aside as I did not wish to start drawing parallels when it could all be coincidence. Doubting much, yay?

Today however as I was contacting Nitika again another thought struck me, a very random thought (message, most likely). “If you doubt, why don’t you do the math, and see if the amount you asked for, equals the amount you received after factoring the new timeframe?”

And so I did the math.

For Nitika to give me my original amount within 4 days I would have needed to receive x amount per day for 4 days. The amount I actually received, divided by the number of days since the original request was made gave me the amount Nitika gave per day.

So, for the mathematically minded, my maths was =

Original Request/4 Days = Requested Daily Amount
Actual Amount/Actual Time Delivered = Actual Daily Amount

Both daily amounts matched to the cent.

I’d say Nitika is an over-achiever lol, full credit where credit is due.

Working notes for the curious…

  • I used Geof Gray Cobbs ritual froM the Miracle of NAP precisely as directed, with no extra frills (in fact I did it laying in bed and whispering the incantation).
  • Gave sexual energy 3x.
  • Forgot about it when my request wasn’t fulfilled my way (spoiled, much, but it worked).

Great success!

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Borat! I like a-you!

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