Nitika and working on another money ritual


I have a question for those of you who experienced working with Nitika or know about Nitika.

Currently working on a money ritual with Nitika and thought about another money ritual that doesn’t involve dietities, Gods and saints. It’s called It works by the famous little red book -RHJ

Do you think I would offend Nitika if I work on a different money ritual? Or she/he doesn’t care as long as the amount is different.

Thank You!


No, it won’t offend Nitika. He is often invoked along with other spirits.

And “It Works” isn’t a money ritual. It is a goal achievement system, and a precursor to what is now called the “Law of Attraction.” It won’t affect anything done by the spirit, and may even help it along, as it focuses your subconscious mind.


Oh Nitika is cool then.
Some dieties they do not want you to work with another diety or spirit while working with them. I was under the impression (it works) is a ritual as you have to read it 3x a day. Lol my bad.
Better ask than sorry.
Thank you @DarkestKnight I appreciate it!


No problem. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I have the book “It Works” myself, so that’s why I know what it is lol


Really? I stubled upon a video of it works on YouTube recently
May I know how was your experience? How did it go? Does it really worked?


Yeah, it works, no pun intended.

As I said, it is basic Law of Attraction, but without the woo woo. You write down your goals in order of importance, being as specific as you can, and then read the list three times a day. You casually think about your goals throughout the day so they impresses themselves upon your subconscious mind through repetition, giving thanks (gratitude) for their manifestation when you do.

The book is very Christian, talking about your “Omnipotent Power,” and such, but what it does is focus your mind on the things you want and off of the things you don’t want.


Well at least I heard it directly from someone that actually used the method.
Skeptical about LOA. Never got the result I wanted.
It works is like a breath of fresh air then

Thanks again! :-):blush:


It’s very compatible with any other magick so feel free to give it a try!