I want to understand something what is the highest goal is it simply to attain nirvana and cease to be like the Buddhist say

Not quite, long term yes I do want to unite with source but not to stay there and be the all, I want to take that power and bring it back to earth in my flesh body to do what I want with it.


Also I like my desires I want to actualise them that’s why I’m doing sorcery. To manifest what I want.
Blissing out in Nepal or Tibet is not for me.

Do you even get wifi on the mountain? How will I shitposting from there?

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Ok but what I actually meant is what is the end what will happen when the reincarnation cycle is over

To be free from the “suffering” the world brings.
Or alternatively: to find back to this pure existence, and use this knowing of your origin
-to use godlike power to help all beings in manifested existence.

I’m undecided as of yet. Though as I improve my soul travel and expand my horizons and options a bit I’ll figure it out.

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nirvana nirvana nirvana nirvana nirvana

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The highest goal is whatever YOU want it to be. :slight_smile:

If you have problems in life, it’s a good idea to use magick to overcome those, to build a better life you enjoy and find rewarding, which will make you spiritually stronger as well (just like you’d get stronger physically from building a house) then you can decide from there where to go with your power and knowledge.


Perhaps the Nirvana may also be expressed as an eternal and absolutely free state.


I can only tell what buddhism teaches: pure existence.
Being, without being something, just being.

No suffering, no mind, no pain.
Nothingness. No-thing.