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I have traveled along the lines of witchcraft, some mild satanism and done wicked things to myself and other living beings, causing unnecessary harm where there should be none. For years now ‘non-dualism’ has been on the back of my mind among with other aforementioned things. What i have come to find is that it is the thing for me and i have propably facilitated this for many lifetimes, leading to this incarnation where i finally let go and find the source of everything and merge with it, leading to liberation as called by the names on the headline of the post. I think that i don’t have much time left with my ego, so i’d like to point out some things. First of all, there is an ultimate reality, and it is beautiful, it contains absolutely everything you need to lead this life with and more. You dont change into a mindless being who has no idea what is going on, quite the opposite. Beyond imagination, there is a place where rest is finally found, and nothing more is needed. Kind of like a drug which has always been there, you just didnt notice it before. Non-dualism implies that there are no opposites, which is true, and that is a tremendous relief for the entire system which you are operating. I don’t lurk or post on this forum very often, but i respect everyone on this platform and wish only the best things to everyone in here. If someone has any questions to someone whose ego is almost dead and resides entirely in the present moment knowing Brahman and basically everything related to enlightenment, drop a question and i’ll try to answer!


This is a great post, Im glad to hear that you have reached the mountain top. My question to you is how has your journey been and what methods did you use to attain liberation?

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So, this world is indeed Maya, the illusion, in your experience. Did I get that right?

Wow. Nobody here gives a damn about enlightenment I guess.