Ninjutsu demons

Hey guys i need Information on the demons of ninjutsu. Who are the most important of them?Number 8 is sacred so it might be a good start point.


It appears we have ninja demons too…


Maybe start with the Tengu.


Hey cool thanks. Daitengu seem totally cool. I must get more info


I couldn’t tell you.

The esoteric cosmology in Ninjitsu is from diverse forms of esoteric Buddhism and folk religion, so there are probably many different spirit forces there.

In Chinese Buddhist Tantra: the 密宗 Mìzōng Esoteric Traditions of 唐密 Tángmì and 漢密 Hanmi or 漢傳密宗 Hànchuán Mìzōng have their own spirit hierarchies that were transmitted to Japan from Budhist Tantrics and warrior-priests, so some of the spirits will be Chinese, others Japanese.

  • The Japanese transmission from Master Kūkai is in 東密 Dōngmì, which became Shingon in Japan.

  • The transmission from Saichō is in 台密 Táimì, which became 天台 Tiantai in China, and 天台宗 Tendai-shū in Japan.

The Thirteen Buddhas are mportant in the hierarchy:

The Mandalas of the Two Realms cover the 5 Tathagatas of the Diamond Realm, and the Heruka/Wisdom Kings of the Womb Realm, who are also important.

Some spirits i’ve seen named in esoteric Buddhism include Bhaisajyaguru, Avalokiteśvara (especially the thousand armed form), Hayagrīva, Tārā, Vajrapāṇi, Vajrasattva, Samantabhadra, Mañjuśrī and Cundī, Acala, Vajrapani, Śakra/Yintuoluo (Indra), Fantian (Brahma), Fengtian (Vāyu), and Yuetian (Chandra), etc. Couldn’t even begin to tell you if/how they fit together in a cosmology.

There are probably many other local spirits related to the kami in Shinto practice from Shiga Prefecture or other known Japanese spirits.

Again couldn’t even begin to tell you how they fit together or how they play into Ninjitsu.

You’d have to go to a Shingon or Shinto temple, or look into Shugendō to find out whatever hierarchy that temple uses. They’re probably all different, related to whatever division in Buddhist Tantra they follow, as well as local tradition and knowledge.

I don’t know any more than this and this is general information that may or may not be accurate or useful, so take it all with a grain of salt and ask a Japanese Tantra practitioner.


Ah I had crafted my first Servitor to be a tengu ^^


Cool :smiling_imp:

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If you haven’t started with Hanzo, then start with Hanzo.
If you know about Hanzo, research the many who came after him.

There are quite a few yokai who may fit your purpose, but I wouldn’t bother calling on them since the majority have been known to attack the ritual performer.

To be honest with you, a lot of the Japanese folklore surrounding demons is hidden because people are terrified of them. Your best bet is to learn Japanese folklore and go from there while also using a little bit of chaos magick to attain what you want from them. It’s a really weird subject to go into even the art has meaning, but you have to figure out what the art is portraying to even begin to be able to research the stories. It’s the same with the demons.

There are other countries as well but the word demon is kind of used in a negative sense in the majority of them since Oni’s can give protection as well as be the oracle of death in some cases. A lot of those ghosts are also lumped into that category.

Hope that helped… I’m not really going to write an essay on each individual Yokai or Samurai Demon but a lot of them can be gathered through reading 47 Ronin, as well as any material you can on Hanzo as he was also extremely spiritual and some people think he didn’t even exist even though so many remnants remain from him.


Well i am involved in a project and any Information on ninjutsu tengu is a big plus :heavy_plus_sign: