Hello everyone! I know that I promised info on this deity earlier this week. But I had a strange work schedule and on top of that I have had an awful sinus infection. But now that I finally am in good health and have some free time, I figured that I would write it now. Apologies for my lateness. Some of this information I had gathered from the internet and other info I have gathered from my evocation of him. I plan on working with him extensively. So without further ado…

Ningizidda is a Mesopotamian underworld deity who’s name in Sumerian means “lord of the good tree”. To the Mesopotamians as well as the Sumerians and Assyrians, the tree meant fertility and it’s roots were often associated with growth and serpents. Thus meaning that serpents are associated with growth. This will make more sense as you read on. Some historians and pagans believe him to be the son of Ereshkigal as it suggests in the story of his ascent to the underworld. But to the Mesopotamians the parents of certain deities change a lot and it is often hard to find the original parent of a certain god or goddess. Luckily, we can ask them and I plan to do so. His wife is Azimua and I haven’t done much research on her but I plan on working with her when I do. He is also considered in the myths to be one of the ancestors of the epic hero Gilgamesh. Ningizidda is widely regarded to be an extremely wise deity who is similar to Thoth from Egyptian mythology and many consider them to be one and the same. In the myth of his descent into the underworld he appears to have been forced to rule the underworld alongside Ereshkigal.

Ningizidda is associated with the symbol of two snakes twirled around a rod and this symbol actually began with him with other deities such as Thoth and Hermes being associated with it. Interestingly the three gods are all very similar to each other and many an occultist believes them to all be the same deity using different masks. Some occultists even believe that he may be Feathered Serpent who appeared to the peoples of South America as Quetzalcoatl (Aztec name) and Kukulkan (Yucatec Mayan name).

Ningizidda is associated with alchemy, divination, necromancy, ascension, serpents and their properties, dragons, fertility, trees, and regeneration

I evoked Ningizidda after studying his mythology and he appeared as a hooded man with a serpent’s head. He spoke very softly and rarely instead showing me mental images. I asked him mostly questions about my life and ascension and some are private and some I can show to you. He has left it up to me. Overall, he appeared as a very serpentine entity that is dark yet kind and I sensed no malevolence around him. He appeared very wise as well answering my questions quickly and sometimes bluntly. I first asked him how long he had been in contact with me and his answer surprised me. He said that He had been with me since I was a child and his influence manifested itself in my childhood obsession with snakes and dragons and my lifelong affinity for them. He also appeared to me in a dream as a large rainbow serpent with wings just before I got into magick and looking for answers on this dream was one of the reasons I began studying and eventually practicing magick. In the dream he comforted me as at the time of having it I was having a very rough time of things and he told me that I was only powerless because I wished to be so. I next asked him of how I would next ascend and progress in magick and life and he was somewhat vague. He said that my next level of ascension would be marked by the further development of my psychic/astral senses and that I would reach a clearer understanding of my life. I asked him other things but I honestly do not feel comfortable sharing them but he knew things about me that I didn’t remember or even know about myself. After the evocation he invited me to next invoke him instead. We seem to have similar energies due to the information above and he appears to be an ally that has been with me for a long time just as he had with EA. I will post his sigil below.


Here is the sigil that I used but a simple form of a caduceus (the symbol of two snakes twirled around it) could also be used.

That word remind me the famous Apple love spell from Simon Necronomicon, perhaps it is even used there.

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