Nine gatekeepers names?

hey I was wondering how to spell the nine gatekeepers names and learn a little about them.

  1. Belial - “Without A Master” Freedom from tyranny, rejection of false truth, separation from the herd.

  2. Amaimon/Lucifer - “Teacher/Enlightener” Enlightenment of the potential of the self. Fixation on truth and knowledge.

  3. Azazel - “Ancient Darkness & Promethean Liberator” Immersion into ancient darkness to comprehend the unknown. Awakening the saturnian titans to transcend the realm of the obvious.

  4. Abaddon - “The Destroyer” Destruction of the stagnant self, assumptions of limitations, and destruction of all obstacles to ascent.

  5. Lucifuge - “Lord Of Pacts/Lord of Excess” Forging astral alliances & using practical magick to the point of excess and indulgence, rather than in reaction to need.

  6. Beelzebub - “Lord of Flies” Deepening connection with astral reality. Command over legions of spirits.

  7. Baal - “Lord/Ruler” Becoming the dominating ruler of your reality.

  8. Asmodeus - “Lust/Wrath” Transcendental sexuality & spiritual unions, both with other people & with the spirits. Possession.

  9. Satan - “Adversary” Invocation of the chaotic and adversarial force that shakes our assumptions and makes us re-evaluate everything. The apocalypse. -E.A. Koetting


thank you So much I’m going to add this to my gremori tomorrow when I’m done meditating.

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I finally put it in my book yess