Nightside vampire spirit

What happens if invite the vampire spirit of the nightside into the blood and inject it back into the vein? The effect will be lethargy and transformation into a higher being?I’m planning to perform a ritual on Halloween.

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Which spirit are you intending to call?

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Eshdagaru,Niksar or Noctulius.

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I believe that your method will work, even tho i have no ever heard of spirits you intending to use…

im familiar with this level of stuff myself, so im intrested in your results, please post.

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and what was your result?

i am capable of mechanic blood transerfs, and using multidimensionally my other bodies, to connect my veins, with my higher world body, to transerf mechanic blood to my earthbound body system…

i think the method, you are trying to do is exactly same, and i use this method sorta like, daily…

the sense what you get out of it is more calming, more focused, i know the mechanic blood contains, for example ephedrin, and other chemical, or pre-registered-chemicals of earth, that works like earthly correspondes…

it does affect your physical conditioning and looks, the way you program, the transerf to work, if you are accepted, in this level of alchemy.

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what is the probability that this ritual will work?a person pours his blood into a ritual vessel, cleanses the blood from his human essence, calls one of the original vampiric entities into the blood, for example, and then injects the blood back into the vein?