Nightmares (how to stop and why would I be having nightmares like these?)

So chronically ( months) I’ve been having really scary/disturbing nightmares. On and off though. I’ll be dreaming as I normally do for awhile, then after a couple of not so pleasent dreams.

I won’t get into to much detail, but my nightmares seem to be like these themes:

  1. I’ve dreamed about 3 of my family members dying. My sister, Oma, And Opa. The dreams are very vivid and feel real. Oma and Opa from age, but the one from my sister was from her being murdered or something.

  2. Dreams about me being killed or about serial killers/ me being chased. One of the dreams, very recent was of a serial killer that was a surgeon that basically killed his “patients” during surgery. In the dream I was the patient. When I was “put under”, I was (like in those scary stories) fully aware and could feel everything. The surgeon also wasn’t trying to fix anything but more like slowly kill me. This was also a vivid dream. And I couldn’t move in the dream either on the “operating table”.

  • I know when I was young I used to have similar dreams but of like being hanged/beheaded. That was more so when I was a child. I don’t even know if I knew about that stuff then…

Any tips on how to stop these kind of dreams?

*I don’t watch horror films or anything really scary that would cause these types of dreams.

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Did anything happen before these started. Like moving into a new home, finding something and taking it home, or getting into an argument with someone?

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Well if I’m honest, alots been happening for most of my life. Things like early childhood trauma from abandonment if I understand correctly ( I don’t remember much then), I have had alot of losses (mom and older sister) which may be the cause of the death dreams? Right now just a unstable home environment and some emotional abuse from my other sister which is sometimes Physical (rare). Etc. (Don’t want to get into everything)

Maybe the dreams are from these, but if so…that’s gonna take awhile to “heal” to get the dreams to naturally stop.

I know I’ve been told to do Shadow work before, but I want to wait until I’m ready. Which I’m not. Right now I just want to stop the dreams so I’m not anxious about going to sleep.

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Sounds like you just need some inner work done. Work through your issues and traumas and the nightmares will probably stop. I don’t have spell for you or anything though. Sorry if this didn’t help.

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Well thanks for the advice though! :grin:

That’s what I feel to, that I need to do inner work. My worry is, I need a short term fix for the nightmares while I’m doing the inner work. Since these things take time.

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Hey I know this is old but if you still struggle with these check out my most recent journal. I have the same issues but have made good headway solving them.

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