Nightmares after spellwork

i got a spell done on myself almost 2 weeks ago and im having nightmares almost everytime i go to sleep will this calm down? or will it continue?

What kind of spell did you put on yourself?

It sounds like your subconscious might be treating it like an attack and fighting it.

it was a magnetism spell to attract people

it seems to be working but its just giving
me nightmares

Did the spell involve foreign energies, like demonic or angelic, powers? It’s possible your mind is reacting to whatever you you called.

yes demonic

Okay, then to me, it sounds like your subconscious could be either allergic to the energies, or is having an immune response to them, the same way it would if you were under psychic assault (nightmares are often a warning sign of a curse, for example).

My suggestion would be to do some meditation, and find out why your subconscious is reacting this way. Once you know the reason, then it will calm down because you would then have gotten the message it was trying to send.


do you think it will calm down soon?
im also under stress just now too so dont know if that also plays a part

Stress could also be a part of it. The dreamscape is where the mind works off all the stress it accrues during the day.

As I said, meditate. You need to contact your subconscious and find out the reason for the nightmares. If it’s stress related, then the meditation will help relax you, and release it, and if it is related to your spell, then the meditation will allow you to receive the message your subconscious is trying to give you.


great thanks for your advice i will try it out
what if i cannot recieve the message? what is the next step

Don’t worry about a “next step,” just focus on reaching out to your subconscious,

Just by having the intention to reach out, you may find yourself besieged by images and symbols, which are the language of the subconscious. You just need to be still and listen to them, which I know can be difficult, especially in this frantic modern age, but persevere.


It may calm down but you need to work on ways to reassure your subconscious that this new you these new changes aren’t dangerous to you.

Before you ask me I don’t know how you would go about reassuring your subconscious.

The only thing I know is the subconscious tends to hate changes and loves the status quo even when you consciously don’t love how things have been and want to make changes , and that it sounds like your subconscious is screaming loudly in protest against the changes you’ve made (it’s not allergic to the changes just scared by them) and you gotta figure out how to reassure your subconscious that these new changes are safe and won’t hurt you.

luckily i didnt have any last night

i did a bath with salts not sure if that will kill my spellwork though?


I don’t know of anything that can kill spell work really aside from you consciously or unconsciously working against a spell or another magician actively working to erode the spells.

I have mixed views about the headaches though as they have happened to me too after doing certain rituals etc.

IMO it’s almost like an occupational risk :joy: sometimes

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When i started practicing magic I had nightmares too. I came to realize that they were simply the result of my fear. For me they didn’t stop until I overcame that fear.

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well for me there an occasional result of energies dealt with during spellwork. when we dream we become a tethered non-corporeal,and as such the wake of energy we accrue can cause us to slip and slide the higher dimensional paths. but here is the thing,there are an uncountable numbers of factors to consider here. you training,your experience,your energetic orientation.

maybe there not nightmares at all,but they LOOK like nightmares to you. as a car’s engine is a controlled explosion,a nightmare might be the true form of wisdom “those who see his form often go mad”