Night Clubs

Has anyone ever had success in night clubs using magick?


Yes but some types are better than others, some you pregame, some post.

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Yes, just try not to think where they’ve been. Seriously though, after several months of using magic to get that kind of lass, I got I reading saying I should focus on changing my energy structure to obtain higher calibre women. I’d suggest you learn from my mistakes and do the same


I’m not really sure if there are higher calibre women. I think women are either clean cut and boring or socially active but have their own problems. Same for men. I think you can find men and women on various areas in the middle, but there’s no ideal woman and no ideal man. I’m certainly not.

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Keep with the lust magic. Give it a couple of years and I’d put money on you not seeing it that way. By higher calibre women I just mean the ones who are usually harder to get and good looking. Easy to get with magic though.
Anyway, I’d recommend a pact for sex ( zepar is a great choice for guys ). I know I’ve mentioned them in the past, but I really can’t stress how good obsession jars are. You can adapt them slightly and make a more general version.

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What I mean is I don’t like to put one type of woman over another, just as how I wouldn’t want one type of man to be put over another. Let’s take my brother and I for example.

He works for a pharmaceutical company. I’m looking for a job but am an aspiring writer.

He watches sitcoms, dramas, and reality shows. I watch old cartoons and anime and enjoy picking them apart and taking notice of what kinds of jokes are in them.

He plays dnd with friends. I enjoy making my own games.

He is a Christian. I do this.

Point is he may be “more grown up”, but that doesn’t make him a better person. I have my own problems, but I like to think I’m very interesting and that my problems help shape those aspects of me. So I like to think that there are women much like me in that manner. Yeah, I’d rather not deal with women with certain problems, but I don’t think any type of woman, or man, is objectively perfect.


What is your objective?

I have started orgies in a gay bar multiple times if you are looking for stuff like that… you can probably adapt it to work elsewhere…

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Let’s hold the orgies till later.


Daww alright but the base of the spell is the rune Gebo you might want to look into it. Great for love and lust magicks and has some interesting higher applications if you want to get into kundalini with it.

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High energy night clubs are a great vamping ground I hear.

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Bindrunes with Ingwaz for added boost. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :fireworks:

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You heard right.

I need sun clubs. I soak up sun like a sponge (real sun not those tanning beds). I’d probably fall asleep at a night club.

That said portland, Seattle, Salem are possibly tops in Oregon/Washington for clubs but I’d check the web and network there as gems can be anywhere.

Course, I’m a middle-Agee of 44 so I don’t club. Last one I did I was 40 and in Missouri. Floors were covered in puke and alcohol and people danced like zombies. It was actually pretty funny. Great places to watch social interaction and chart it but then again anywhere is good to do that.

I think clubs are great to go in a group rather than stag. Good meeting places I suppose but I’m a near hermit in manner with exception to my parents I take care of and merchants I purchase from.

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I don’t go to Night Clubs but I’ve lately pondered at the thought of using Magick to get girls anywhere. Mostly lustful relationships.

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Ah I go clubbing almost every week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
What I used to do is I would start with vampirism on the whole of the group.

Before going to the club, I’d have a salt water bath to clear myself and I’d do mediation with a quartz crystal in the bath and recite some incantations to get that initial boost in energy.

I’d make sure my filters for vampirism are up to date and perfectly functional.
I’d then go into the club as normal order my drinks and have fun, waiting till the number of people has risen.

Once a huge amount of people are in attendance, I’ll dance and use that to enter a sort of trance.
I’d focus on my breath too, whilst feeling moving in and out.

Once my auric field is felt to a high degree, I’ll focus on the energetic atmosphere in the club.
Its normally a mist/cloud of redish/white sometimes purple energy above and around everyone.

Most people are drunk at this point, I won’t be drunk at this point in the night.
Once I tap into the energy of masses, I’ll extend my tendrils through every person.

Like tentacles ripping through one energy body and to the next, forming a connection to everyone with the one tendril.

The second tendril I then suspend into the air to tap into the field on energy in the room.
I’d start feeding on both the individuals and the collection of energy in the room.

It feels like a drug, most of them are releasing energy of lust, most are drunk so emotional energy all throughout the spectrum is released.
Loads more types of energy are also there for the taking.

Once I begin feeding, moving my body to the vibrations of sound all the masses around me begin to be pulled into me.

I start raising my hands in dance above my head, as I do this with the high amount of energy i’ve contained.

I’ll allow the individuals to become batteries and generators for my aura.
Why you ask ?. Because I’ll use my aura and programme the huge amount of energy to attract who ever I gaze at.

As soon as I gaze at someone, my aura and my whole being acts like a black hole pulling them in.