Nicotine/caffeine addiction question

I’m going to evoke Buer for help with my nicotine and caffeine addiction, but i need to write my petition in a present tense affirmation. And how do i go about not using anything negative?

Like i want to say,

  • “I do not have a tobacco and nicotine addiction.”
  • “I am not tempted by tobacco and caffeinated beverages.”

In both petitions i use the word “not”, and I’m trying to write it in a positive wording. Is it ok like this or do i need to say it differently? Just Buer, anyone else like Marbas?

It’s not smoking, it’s dipping. These 2 drugs are inhibiting my ability to astral project. I use to Astral Project all the time naturally, but i believe these drugs have been preventing me from doing so.

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A chaos mage I know quit smoking by making a sigil from “the thought of smoking repulses me”. Replace smoking with dipping. You could also go the route of “I have rid myself of my dipping addiction”. The same would work with caffeine. Sometimes you have to come at it a little sideways to avoid negatives.

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I think one of the best method to help someone quit smoking would be to light a cigarette and then make that specific individual swallow the cigarette. That in most of the cases cures people from trying to smoke again, :joy: especially the teenagers. (that almost happened to me )

The subconscious does not understand the word not. So delete that and what are you now telling yourself.

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I know some people who quit smoking simply by reading Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking. I don’t know how it works, but it looks like it works.

Caffeine is one of the most potent stimulant know. It affects brain chemistry so much, that cold turkey withdrawal symptoms can be harmful. So, a general recommendation is that a person gradually reduces the amount of caffeine he/she is consuming daily.

Affirmations like - I live healthy life, I feel good about myself, I love my body… can work really good.

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dude I love caffeine and smoking grass as a shaman practicer they use drugs to communicate with the spirit realms such as DMT mescaline and cannabis however I do agree caffeine can be bad but damn so good…

hell yeah it is everyone tells me stop drinking that shit but I pound red bulls and coke like a madman and can’t stop it…

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I know what you are talking about, but it won’t last forever. Red bull doesn’t work for me anymore. Just makes me feel sick.

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How about: Tobacco and Caffeine are Gone!

How about using a banishing ritual where your visualisations of nicotine and caffeine are sent - in all four cardinal directions - to the ends of the multiverse?

That said and each to their own, nicotine and caffeine are my drugs of choice - in that order. Without nicotine my life wouldn’t be worth living. I remain staunchly, deeply and joyously addicted!


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Say it without the “not”, becouse that’s a direction move which isn’t in your favor.

Say lines like:
I’m released of any addictions of nicotine and tabacco i used to have.
I leave behind any temtations i once hade by tabacco and caffeinated beverages.


Oh plus hails up for Uncle-Al, didn’t know i’m just adding to his. :smiley: