Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold's series on Initiation

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Interesting, Ill check this out. Although with Frisvold period Id take anything he’s teaching with a grain of salt. I know for a fact that his Quimbanda treatises and the “House of Quimbanda” are so far off the mark its not even funny, however I dont dismiss him entirely.

May I ask why you believe his Quimbanda stuff is b.s.? I only ask because I got a consult from one of his God children, and it was very accurate. And the follow up work I do (weekly sessions following his guideline in his firmeza post) have gotten me closer to my exus. Speaking to another initiate (given license by the one who did my reading), his description of what kind of changes exus begin mirrored exactly of what was already happening. So my experience with his house has been very favorable.

Oh please explain. I’m MOST curious.

Oh please explain. I’m MOST curious.

If you are that curious you can just PM me, but waisting time on pointless debates on an internet forum with people speculating on these things from an outside view is not on my list of things Im dying to do. As Ive said before, for anyone actually involved in ATRs there are some basic observations which can be made right off the bat. But I wont publicly elaborate using what I know because its not really information you just throw out there. These paths arent just schools you gan slap onto your resumé. Xou either are called and granted entry by the spirits or you are not.

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Your the one who started with accusations. Now you want to pm? First you say “his” Quimbanda is basically off the map, but then go to say you do not dismiss him entirely…Sounds like people should dismiss your statement.

I could honestly care less what people think. I made a statement from an insiders perspective on this path, so unless people are actually walking that path theyre speculating from an outsiders perspective. I said PM because you dont just talk about those things online, and thats only the things i feel comfortable to share. Dismiss my statement. It doesnt really matter or apply to me. I just tried to clarify something because I see alot people being snared into some pretty random stuff going by the same name. Alot of people see this stuff online and want to get into Vodou or Quimbanda, Palo, etc. What about Makaya, Zobop, Kidoki, Lehmba, Egungun? Thats the deeper stuff that you cant just go pull up a payment based order online and claim initiation into. Thats the stuff people dont know about period, but if they are legitimate lineages of these currents they act as gateways to. So I know where I stand, god forbid I call it as I see it and peoples egos get bruised because they want to be a part of something theyre just not. Im done with these posts, I feel no need to waste more time on the subject.

You know what, excuse me. Ive been pretty pissed off lately and lashing out at most anyone I cross paths with. Allow me to push my ego aside and look into his practice more closely and from an unbiased angle. Being loyal is one thing but no magician can progress with tunnel vision and arrogance. That is the whole reason I walked away from the Santeria community and now Im displaying those same traits. In fact I want to thank you for helping me see that.

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Okay gents, I took some time to read through some of Frisvolds interviews and articles. I was actually somewhat impressed. I cant really say that I agree with everything he teaches, alot of it is total contrast to what I am taught, but at the same time he had some concepts that shed a whole new light on some things for me. And to be fair he openly said hes not trying to express some specific manifestation or lineage of african sorcery or magick, its about personal vision and what you do with what you learn. Not just learning it. His article ‘Exu and his work on the Soul’ also had some interesting highlights. I can honestly say that personally I resonate with about 75 percent of what he teaches. Theres some things I just dont see where he inserted those elements at all and theres other things Ifind highly impressive. Im actually glad I took the time to look into it. Eoi, Im glad to hear your positive feedback on his group as well. Ive had a few people now share some straight con artist stories with people he is associated with, but that is not him. A friend whos still involved in Palo and some more clandestine societies tied therein told me he liked his book on the subject so maybe Ill check that out. Thanks again guys for illuminating something for me I otherwise would have let my ego walk me past.

You’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a recent review from of one of his books:

A lot of the patipembas in this book our made up and not apart of Palo Mayombe the skulls with devil horns drawings of pots to represent the nganga in the patipemba don’t actually exist. A person who receives a legit initiation receives a nganga that has its own personal patipemba known only to the owner of the pot and his godparents. He completely disparages Mama Chola taking a fairly loveable but sensitive spirit and making her into the following: pg 101 She is the dominatrix and the leather clad love that is concealed in sadism and submission. Mm no shes not. On page 103 he says Mama Chola is the power of a vile and seductive woman who fondles you and excites you with great skill always holding a dagger to the nape of your neck. She is the knife that runneth over with honey and blood. This guys been watching way to many low budget horror movies.

He links Santa Muerte with Cobayende. One is part of folk Catholicism and Mexican Brujeria the other is from Palo Mayombe completely different religions. Also as far as the author goes I bought overpriced statues amounting in the hundreds from him that were supposedly “blessed” found out later that I could buy those same statues for around $15 to $30 . When they didn’t work or do what he claimed they would do, he recommended purchasing an Exu Omulu Rei statue from members of his “Quimbanda” house Wolf and Goat. What a horrible nightmare that was! Here is a link to what occurred:

He is the mutual friend that I talk about in the link.

Other members of his house, one being Conjureman Ali or as many of his past clients like to refer to him as conman Ali. Here is a link to a blog in which Conjureman Ali is caught impersonating a made up client who goes by the name of “fredfox” saying wonderful things about himself but the IP address exposes him for being the one behind the computer.

Nicholaj’s “house” is a group of individuals who are using Palo Quimbanda and other ATR’s to rip people off. Don’t buy this book it would be a complete waste of your money. He even spells Vence Batalla one of the Mpungo names wrong several times. This book is garbage

I can’t speak of his other works, but his Quimbanda stuff is fairly legitimate in my experience. As is Jesse and his house.

Hi Euoi, I was just looking at books on amazon and came upon that. I recalled this thread and wanted to post it so people have more info.