Newsletter: A Call To Magickal Arms!‏

Thought I would share this newsletter from Golden Dawn here, its about doing something against Daesh:

Dear Magickian,

Have you ever heard of the paradox of tolerance? If you have known me for any length of time, you know already that I am big on both tolerance and personal responsibility.

There are, however, times when tolerance must have its limits. If you meet fanatical intolerance with tolerance, the tolerant will always ultimately be destroyed.

One of those times when tolerance reaches its limit is now - with a group called "Daesh.“ You have probably heard of them called „ISIS“.

These are guys that have been running around destroying sacred architectural ruins, beheading women calling them witches, stoning women for adultery, throwing gays of rooftops, and generally making a nuisance of themselves for the whole of humanity.

Now, I am not saying that the rest of the world is innocent. Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I am well aware that Saudi Arabia is funding them and the USA has armed them.

None of this changes one simple fact though:

„Daesh is causing great harm to those around them.“

There are a lot of Magicians who are fed up with this situation that has brought us to the brink of WWIII.

What I am about to tell you is an invitation.

If you feel drawn to participate, please do. If you do not, then please do not.

You are free to choose.

There is a grass roots movement spreading right now among Magicians, Witches, and Shamans who are fed up with this situation and who have decided to once and for all do something about it.

Almost everyone agrees that something must be done and that it is time to take concerted Magickal action.

Many of us, myself included, are not willing to go so far as to completely destroy someone - even people as evil as Daesh.

Almost everyone agrees (even Wiccans), however, that there is nothing unethical about using a „Binding Spell“ to bind Daesh so that they can no longer do harm to others.

If you would like to participate in this Magickal operation, here are instructions.

  1. Use your own Magick. Whatever system you are most familiar with and work best with, that is the Magickal system to use.

  2. Hold a common intention with us. Our intention is “to completely cut off support for Daesh and to bind Daesh so that it can no longer harm others.”

  3. Launch your Magickal intention at exactly 7:48 PM PST on Monday 12/21/15.

This is not a random time I have chosen for this working. It is the precise time of the Winter Solstice, the birth of the new Sun as it passes into Capricorn, known as Sol Invictus, the invincible sun, to the Romans.

We are synchronising launching our magickal intentions to bind Daesh at precisely the time of the Solstice all around the world. Even though you may be working alone, there will be hundreds of Magicians all across the world binding Daesh together with you at precisely the same time.

Again, if you feel drawn to participate in this Magickal initiative, please do.

If you do not feel drawn to participate, please do not.

You are completely free to choose.

I, for one, will participate, and will do everything within my power to get the word out to as many Magicians, Witches, and Shamans as possible.

Remember, as we say in the Golden Dawn:

„Unbalanced mercy is but weakness, and the fading out of will.“

I hope to see you on the astral on Monday night, when we strike an invincible blow for what is good and right in the world.

In Abundance, Power, ant Truth,

David Griffin

PS: Please help spread the word about the ritual on the Solstice. We are legion. Together we are invincible.

is it okay to pm you with an idea i had about whats going on behind the scenes?

you seem more knowledgeable than me even on the general level of it all, so maybe you would have more insight. you can go to my post “i just had to get this off my chest” for a general overview, but i feel it strongly ties in with all this.

i definitely agree with you on doing something about this bullshit. i want to help as much as i can and have been searching long and hard for a group willing to strike back before things get much worse. im freshly acquainted with performing arts, so i may not be of much use…

i would, however, like to ask if theres something i can do to get up to par before the twenty first. there’s been soo many here who have already given me great advice, and i’d really love to help in this effort. any way i can gain competence enough to help i will do without hesitation (within reason, of course lol)

thank you for being on the dark side of the right light.

hahahahahahaha finally one of the orders remembered they had a pair of balls and is taking action in the world for good. this is hilarious.

I personally think that all this disaster and war is an attempt to make all these orders get their balls back. Think of it as a sort of punishment where the whip is being cracked on them.