Newfound Ability

Very randomly and also suddenly, I began experiencing a new ability that I cannot seem to find much information on. To explain: I can see the emotions and thoughts of people around me. The thoughts I see manifest as a small projection coming from their third eye. With their emotions, It manifests more as an aura, and sometimes I see the colors/energy patterns within my own minds eye. I should note that I am an empath- actually the first ability I began to experience. So, what is this? Some form of empathy or telepathy? Something else? Can anyone else do this?


Sounds like simply reading their aura, albeit in a unique way. The aura is made up of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of the person.


So I am seeing the emotional and mental layers of a persons aura? That is interesting. I also have been able to effect people through this.

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Could you effect someone for me, jk. But that’s awesome.

Be blessed.

Haha! So far I can only do that to people around me

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And thank you!

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I recommend this. Even if your not interested in healing, it covers what your talking about in depth.

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