Hello everyone. I am new here. Eager to gain knowledge of the mystics. I am from India. 3 years back I was really interested in spirits. But then I paid a seller for a spirit conjuration. It didn’t work . Wasted a lot of money. So stopped this path. Now looking forward to new knowledge


Do you have any experience in magick yourself, beyond paying for it?

I tried but was not successfull.

I do have a question though. When the conjuration did not work the seller said that it was mostly because I have a blocking spirit. He said it might be ancestral spirit . Is there any such things? The seller’s name was sorcerer’s cellar .And the spirit was demon queen

Yes, it is possible an ancestor interfered in the conjuration. It’s also possible the seller was lying, and just making an excuse for why his ritual didn’t work (if he even did the ritual at all). There’s no way to know for sure.

However, you can always seek contact with your ancestors and ask.

Welcome aboard Marcos😀

how to contact the ancestral spirits?