My alias that I will put down is Thuvas Kalevk Somewhere in the Pacific… My preferred magick is astral projection I know a lot about it but some things I have learned is meant to be left alone when I was little I noticed that I would always have people watching me even when I was alone I recall asking my parents if God was there many times but they always scolded me for saying his name so after awhile I left it alone but when my parents started to fight I started to meet the ones watching me they started to introduce themselves one by one by the time they were finished they taught my many magicks certain ones are to be left alone till I was older I also learned what the astral plane was and doing so they helped me cross through multiple gates throughout the years. Looking back now I had 4 guardians demon and archangel but one was sent toward another person in this realm and the rest told me I needed to study. I am on BALG because I was given a task something only soul healers and soul menders can do and I am neither I am just generally asking if there is anyone that can help me I’ll explain more in another post I just need help in transferring energy from a crystal to a being

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Welcome :blush: I hope you find the answer to your questions, I have sone knowledge but please make use of the forum and you can use the search button for specific areas of interest.