Newcomer :)

Hello everyone! Thank you for allowing me into your wonderful world :relaxed: , I’m looking forward to joining you all. Here’s my introduction:
My name is Scarlett and I live near London.
My preferred magick/topic of study is mainly surrounding love and manifestation and this is the area I need help in. I’m a beginner and haven’t partaken in anything other than trying my hand at the law of attraction and manifesting.

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Welcome. There’s plenty of info here on both love and manifestation of desires, as well as information to help you get started with more serious rituals

Hello and welcome. Your username is actually a synchronicity for me :slight_smile:.

Asaheil og Vana. Þakka fyrir.

Thank you! And am I able to use this on a specific person or is this not recommended?

It’s best to cast both generally and on specific people, with the goal of attracting generally. This makes it easier to avoid obsessing over a result.