hello, this is my first day with an account on here. ive lurked around for a while but decided i should just sign up instead. i have literally no knowledge in any of the topics on this site despite having watched it for some time. i dont really know what my goals are in doing this, except for getting a general sense of this kinda stuff. the only thing i have a vague understanding of is some aspects of the wiccan and pagan religions, but its very sparse. i have a relative who is wiccan, and from what ive heard from them i dont think its a good fit for me. since im still a teen, i live with my family, who generally hate this type of stuff. for that reason, im trying to stay as anonymous as possible. again, i dont really know what im doing here. i mainly just want to learn about everything i can. i like learning about the different demons and peoples experiences with them, but i dont know if i have the guts to ever do what they do. i feel like id either freak out or convince myself its not real or make something up in my mind because i desperately want this stuff to be real. (also, is everyone new supposed to write an introdction? when i was lurking sometimes people would tell others they have to make an intro before asking stuff…)
thanks for reading this train wreck lol



Welcome to the forum.

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thank you!

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Welcome! It can be very overwhelming to begin your journey into the occult but don’t stress yourself about choosing the perfect path. I find the best way to start is, slowly. Read a book or two before you do anything because rushing into magick can have big consequences.

I am biased but I found a great introduction to magick through Phil Hine’s book Condensed Chaos. Chaos magick is a very practical, no nonsense, everyday approach to magick, and it doesn’t require evocation of spirits. At least, not at first. Hine’s book is short but it very effectively and concisely outlines the basic tenants of Chaos Magick and gets you doing basic magick pretty quickly. I would also recommend Advanced Magick for Beginners by Alan Chapman. Chapman presents an even more bare bones persepective than Hine and the book is presented as a practical workbook with easy to follow instructions and a basic run down of Chaos philosophy. If you want to start right away and don’t want to pay anything to do so, I would recommend the free, online, and illustrated Psychonaut Field Manual. It is like a graphic novel for magick.

Most of all have fun! If you aren’t enjoying yourself, take a step back and re-evaluate your approach. And personally, I would also recommend avoiding any system that gets you bogged down in heavy dogma and strict rules, unless you like that kind of thing.

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