Hello everyone, I’m Carlos, I’m from Brazil. I’m a beginner so to speak, It was a totally ignorant person next to “occult”, and I believed more in the physical. It’s been a while since I felt strongly attracted to this “side”, and well, I have not had any experience yet and would love to learn! I hope not to offend anyone with this question, but because people in the forum work more with daemons than angels, gods/goddess …Its just preference?



The majority of people here work with demons out of personal preference, but we also have members that work exclusively with angels, or both angels and demons.

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Oh yes, I thought that was the question. Do not want to bother you, but have any tips on how to start the “studies”

And in addition to what @DarkestKnight mentioned, we also have members (like myself) who work with pagan gods.

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I read some people here who work with Odin, right?

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Yes, the Nordic gods are pretty popular. I prefer to work with the Slavic gods because that’s where my ancestry comes. Bog Veles is my patron, my profile image is a picture of him and his wife, Boginya Devana.

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This entire forum is filled with tips on how to start. Please avail yourself of the search function in the upper right. it’s the little magnifying glass.

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