Hello all, just signed up here and always polite to introduce myself and my background…

My name is Chris, since i were 12 i had grown up in what would be described as a haunted house. This spirit was not bad, just abit strange with what were happening, from something sitting on the end of my bed, pencils chucked up stairs, blowing in my ears, name being called when no one home, loud bangs now and then, lights flickering and seeing shadows. My now wife did say to me she see a woman looking out the bedroom window and would see the shadow follow me out the room during the night when i need the toilet… no harm to anyone was ever casued… i do also have dreams that tend to come ture in the coming days which i find really freaky but now being older something i accept. I find myself drawn to water with no reason as to why, just love being near or next to it and all our holidays are around or involve water.

Thats abit about me, i wish to learn so much more as i do feel a little lost in life and where iam meant to be heading…

Hope no were bored about my background.

Peace and respect always…



Welcome. What are your interests? Are you drawn towards or repulsed by anything magical?

I have no repulsion to any kind of magical ways, expect sacrifices and do desire to contact king piamon. I am very drawn to water element and see the earth as sacred.

I have started with candle magic and petitions but still learning. Wish for a greater understanding of magic.

I should also say that im pretty sure i had drawn a negative force into my home from a hoilday to some church ruins, where i have a photo of a shadow figure, a week after me and wife started to hear growling in hall way and hearing banging, chest of draws being opened in the night, so i saged the whole house tell it to leave and never return which seems to have helped.

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Do you have an previous experience with any forms of magic?

Where are you from?

You have told us plenty about the haunted house you live in but how about telling us about yourself and your magical praxis?

I am from UK, Essex. No i have very little previous experience with magic ( other than stated above bit of candle amd petition magic) but very willling to learn…

As a person i am very high on respect to others what ever their background maybe, im loyal and love good banter, i dont take myself to seriously. Been in same job as a frabrictor for the past ten years to which i feel the need for change.

As for my magical praxis i am still unsure, as im trying to find my way, i do have a slight dark side to me but i am much more loving and caring, i drop people like a stone once they have crossed me, i have no need for negative people in my life, they serve me no purpose.

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Metal or another material? You’ll find this skill is insanely helpful here. Being able to hand craft your own tools will be helpful for you.

Check out the magnifying glass in your top right. This site has an amazing amount of useful information once you know what you’re looking for. Since you aren’t sure why not try looking up the beginner’s tutorials. There’s lots of stuff about meditation, energy work, grounding, shielding, banishing and warding. All things that are very beneficial to you as you begin and grow into your path.


Thank you so much for being so welcoming Nephenthe,
I mainly work with aluminium, but do enjoy crafting stuff from many materials…

I shall defo have a look around this site. I have been practicing getting into a trance state, and looking into meditation. knowledge goes along way before any practical work begins…

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I also believe in understanding what you are jumping into before you jump in. All those things I listed will be what helps you develope your magical senses, clairs or astral sense (how ever you prefer to refer to it). Also not a bad idea to make sure your protected before leaping in. Enjoy!

I have done fair amount of reading on this site before i joined taking down notes and reading books…

I were wondering if there is any specific meditation to open 3rd eye? Or if you could point me in right direction would be great help…

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Hi Chris welcome to the forum. :wave:t4:

Thank you Queen Mustang…

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Honestly, doing Psychic exercises can be a good way of doing this. It’s what I used a few decades ago, as that was all that was available. There should be plenty of them these days.

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Coolio, ill get on and have a look… finding so much info on different subjects, need to sit back and soak it all in!!

I did my first evoke yesterday night with Shamyaza, i felt a strong draw to him after reading what little information there has been on him…

I can say i had an experience, and something unexpected that i thought i had removed from my home.

Taking all nessacary precautions and protections, i went a head with the evoking. As my senses are not yet upto par i did use a voice recorder. I found 2 voices on there very clear aswell, on saying " do you want me?" And the other " be gone shamyaza"
Im not sure if both are the same beings or 2 different ones.

The “be gone shamyaza” to me sounds like what else is here seems scared of him.

Hopefully there will be someone here who may know shamyaza voice and let me know if the second one is him or not.

I have now completed a full clean of my house and my self in hope of ridding this unwanted entity…

I don’t belive i brought this in during the evoking, as i say I’ve had something in my house that were growling, banging opening doors , its been 6 months since anything has happened in my home and thought it had gone, maybe i just weakened it and the evoking woke it up?

Here are the 2 audio clips.

Listen to Voice 001_sd-2.mp3 by Chris Wills on #SoundCloud

Listen to Voice 001_sd-1.mp3 by Chris Wills on #SoundCloud

Open to options and reactions, help.