Hello. I am a newbie here😃

Hi there @Fairy. Welcome to the forum.

Do you currently practice any sort of magic? If do you what do you practice? If not what would you like to learn about?

What should we call you?

Roughly how are old are you?

Where are you geographically located roughly?

We have rules requiring that you give us some information about yourself, so that we can do our best to help you find the resources you need and offer advice that makes sense for who you are.


Please make a proper intro as you were already prompted here.


Hello. I am not practicing any magic. I am totally new here. Could you help me?

I am from Greece and i need some help with magic because i am not aware…

I am sorry, I sometimes work with others to help and guide them, but atm I am maxed on the number of people I can help in one day, as well as those had already made extreme efforts to reach their goal and learn how to get their on their own. I practice differently from others around here, so my methods may not be a mesh for you anyways.

My advise would be start with this link then do some more reading in our general discussion or any other category that sounds similar to what brings you here.

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It would help the others to help you if you made the proper introduction as requested twice previously.

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Flagged for @Lady_Eva since the OP refuses to make a proper intro as has already being instructed 3 times.


Is everything okay now? I filled out my profile.

Read once more my first msg to you please

and write here in this post or make a new proper one based on the instructions. And not in your profile.

She has done a proper intro @Anassa


Yeah just saw it, an hour ago

I didn’t checked because she said she filled out her profile. My apologies.


Thank you for ur help :smiley: