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Hello everyone :slight_smile: I’m a tarot reader and well here I am because I wanna learn magick and becausee someone broke my heart lol I have been in hell for a week and I have never been this humiliated by a guy. Just cry everyday like a loser.
Basically everything was going great. never felt so right with anyone and he made a lot of promises. He was like the sweetest guy ever almost too good to be true. We fell in love fast and we talked about the future. about 5 days before he dumped me he even told me “I already know I’m going to marry you one day.” And then we had an amazing weekend together. And then on monday he told me for some reason he was in the bad mood and couldnt figure out why. I thought it was because of mercury retrograde. and then tuesday we had a small disagreement but wasnt that bad. Wednesday he called me and told me he’s been thinking about a lot of things we’ve been through and that he felt “drained.” then he broke up with me. Ever since then I’ve been trying to get him back. I keep going over everything that’s happened and all the things he had said to me. “I will never change.”“I will always put you first.” How he would run to see me even when i was just a little bit upset. And now I’m in so much pain and I have to beg him to meet up with me so we can talk things out in person. I finally ran out of patience and now I feel a lot of resentment towards him. He is acting like a completely different person now! its so traumatizing how someone can make those promises and walk away like im a piece of garbage! man I just want him to feel my pain and realize his mistakes.
But anyway that’s why i’m here. And i look forward to working with Lord Lucifer and accepting his teaching.



Where do you hail from?

You’ll find a better one.
Did one of his relatives die or something?

You seem kinda young.
How old are you?

How long have you been doing tarot?

What kind of magic are you interested in?

From Taiwan! :slight_smile:

I’m not really young I’m already 26. He’s 22.
I used to be a huge player and I’m the kind of person that people come to for relationship advice. Which is why i was so shocked i misjudged this one. I think it’s because he’s an emotional Cancerian. He said I often say things that hurt his feelings unintentionally and he just ignored them because he wanted me to be happy. (Makes sense because I’m a Sag and we like to joke around and he just takes everything too personally.) And it’s okay that we might not be good for each other what I can’t get over is all the things he said to me when we were in a relationship. Its just unethical. I would never make promises like that if I couldn’t keep them.

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Oh and ive been doing tarot for 2 years. Now I’m quite interested in love spells :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum. I actually get this really strong masculine energy from you. Your going to be fine :slight_smile:

Omg lol that’s crazy tho I dont even have a picture up and you can pick up on my energy hahah Thats impressive. But it’s true i have a lot of guy friends as well.

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Welcome :blush:

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@Lady_Eva recommend to me godness Hathor, she is very powerful in emotional healing and give you peace. Really Hathor is amazing!

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Ok I will look her up! :slight_smile: Thank you!