Newbie questions regarding sexual relationship with the Archangel Michael

Hi All,

A little background about me I am currently in a wonderful longterm relationship with a very vanilla spouse. Unfortunately, I am very kinky (closet bisexual boy) with a very homophobic spouse. I have always had an affinity for angelic magic. I am curious about becoming involve with the archangels. As I understand angels do not have any preset gender but I have already day dream and fantasized about the arch angel Michael as a hermaphrodite / Transwomen (pardon my pronoun usage). I also have day dream about being a concubine or submissive for Michael or any of the other arch angels. I am looking for a healthy and positive trans-formative outlet for channel this excessive taboo energy and fantasies in a way I can return to reality as a more present, stable and better quality man for my family.

Sorry for the rambling but here are my questions.

  • Which archangel would you recommend or is it best to follow my natural pull or infatuation towards Michael?

-What visualization techniques do you like to use while communicating or interacting with your lover (is it as simple as meditation or dreaming?) - I think i can begin to write erotic fiction with everything i have day dreamed so far.

-What is the best way to start the relationship with deity and clarify your intentions.

Also what experience have you all had with Michael

One sick hopelessly kinky lil puppy singing off :slight_smile:

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Go for Michael if you feel a pull to him, see what he wants and if he doesn’t want to, go for another.

The same way you start a relationship with an Angel/Archangel or Demon, or Human, Gods aren’t any different in terms of desires and such.


I agree if you are thinking about Michael then reach for him. Blue candle, face South, meditate on him. Lol! So many people have been asking about Michael lately. And trust he’ll be down for kinky shit.

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Im very close to michael just dont he get angry :joy:


what happened ?

I had a few experiences when I worked closely with him. Michael is very much a layback yet can be serious if he feels like it person. But when he’s not on the job per say, he can be a relaxed person that is easily approchable. He is very protective to and especially ones that work with him often find that he has an eye on them no matter where they are. He has a really nice protective energy to him and Iv heard can be playful for those he wants to show that side to. Despite him being the main one to call on for serous business, he isn’t all that strict when it comes to free time.

How ever his biggest pet peeve is braking an oath you did to him. He understands we are humans that can easily fall off our path but he does not like oath breakers. So choose wisely what you promise to him.

If you feel a huge pull to him I suggest like everyone els to go and reach out to him and talk to him. :slight_smile:


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