Newbie question I know, but...where does one start?

In my intro I had said I walked the path off and on for years and fell into a lot of rabbit holes. I have yet to really climb out of those rabbit holes, but I plan to with time, dedication, and a whole lot of guidance from you guys.

However there are a few small things that I’d appreciate advice on. Namely, where do I go from here? I have a whole Library’s worth of books I want to purchase and read, including but not limited to Koetting’s work, but I also feel that even if I read all ninety-something books I’d picked out, I still wouldn’t quite know how to put the knowledge into practice. Let alone put it into practice successfully. I am absolutely blocked when it comes to seeing, feeling, hearing, astral projecting. You name it. I’ve never casted a spell before in my entire life.

I have set out general intentions and just believed, and I have had OBE experiences, and I have had Spirits bound to me by Metaphysical shops, albeit I have no way of knowing some are there, as only some have visited in dreams before. Even then most of those dreams are vague and don’t give direct answers or contact such as some of the dreams I’ve read in the forum.

I’ve had over twenty spells cast on me before I eventually walked away from that side of the community. Wanting to become stronger on my own. But even then I would need to know what the heck you guys did, so I can try to emulate it.

I do have experience with Tarot cards, and I have offered blood to Spirits. Not for magic though. Just because the conjurer said the spirit enjoys it, and I wanted to be a good friend. I have lucid dreams every week to varying degrees, or at the very least vivid ones. I have Astral projected once, and had several sleep paralysis or OBE experiences. At least fifteen minimum. In my life thus far that is…and that’s about it.

Lucifer visited me in a dream once.
Marchosias and Lilith had too.
I have digital altars for them due to my current predicament of not being able to do much magick or Witchy stuff openly where I live. So there’s that…

I’m rambling at this point but I just wanted to get all of my previous experience on the table. ^^;;

Any advice is adored, thank you!

EDIT: sorry for the half post I’m on my phone and I accidentally clicked post through my vicious typing skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say, unless you start something - anything - how will you know what works for you to know which books are the direction you want to go in? If you haven’t started anything how do you know you’re blocked anyway? The fact that you’re lucid dreaming kinda says you’re not blocked at all.

I suggest you pick a book you like and start pathworking it. Just try and keep trying and trust that that little voice that sounds like you imagining an answer… is the answer, until it actually is the answer from the spirit. That’s clairsentience. Call the entity via sigil and just see what happens.

What if the Entity did not come with a sigil? Should I make one for them?