Newbie Mistake I Made Several Years Ago Leads to Possession/Haunting

Several years ago when I was new to sigil usage I had a sigil pinned up on the wall above my altar. I didn’t realize I had unintentionally consecrated the sigil a few days prior, I was really new to sigil magick at that time. I left the sigil pinned to the wall for weeks on end as I didn’t know it was supposed to be tucked away until in use and I also did not know that by looking at it until the lines started flashing that I was consecrating it. I forgot about the sigil because I placed a poster on top of it to hide it, didn’t want any visitors to see it.

My hubby started feeling like something was jumping up on the bed. At that time, we had no pets at all and he joked and said, maybe it’s a ghost cat. Anyway this kept happening every night at 2:30 a.m., not a minute earlier not a minute later. I’m a heavy sleeper so I didn’t even notice it but my hubby kept waking me up in a very heart attack inducing way every night, oh my god, do you feel that? I’d sit up so quickly, heart racing, I’m surprised I didn’t shit my pants being woke up like that. He made it sound like a damn burglar was in the house so here I was half asleep reaching for my gun ready to blow a ghosts head off.

It kept happening until I became aware of it and the energy in our home turned dark and negative. I turned into an alcoholic which was weird because I was the type of person that almost barfed just by smelling alcohol. I found myself becoming very dark and negative, drinking every night until I could put away an entire box of wine or 17 Steel Reserve beers in one night all by myself. I would drink, black out, lose time. I slowly discovered a bunch of dark magick items in my home, sigils I drew, a black mirror I made, and I had no memory of making any of it or how the heck it got there. My hubby said, it had to have been made by you. You are the one who is obsessed with the occult and you don’t ever invite other people over when I’m at work, so you did this.

I started turning into something I was not. Went from being kind, giving, and caring to being a coldhearted bitch who was only concerned about myself and no one else. Every time my mom left town and she brought her dog over so I could babysit him while she was gone, my dog started growling always facing a corner in the northeast direction of the house like he saw someone standing there but no one was ever there. Eventually, we could see a tall dark shadow figure in that corner. Everyone who entered the home including me and my hubby started arguing and fighting over miniscule things that lead to fist fights, things getting broken or thrown at each other. It was very bad for all involved and I’m not a drama starter, I HATE drama. Everyone kept telling me you are changing, you are not yourself anymore.

Eventually, my hubby would not go to sleep until the sun started rising outside and I was forced to stay up with him, a grown man 6’ 2" and 230 lbs. of pure muscle who would take on a hulk sized man in a heartbeat, was scared to death of being awake in our house by himself. That says something about how scary of a vibe this thing put out. Hubby said, I had a dream last night and something was leading me to your altar room so I went in there today while you were gone and snooped around. He showed a black mirror and a book that I had written in, in this coded non-english language, also had several doodles of demonic like figures in it. Again, I had no memory of making any of that. He didn’t believe me until I broke down and cried, and I never cry about anything so he knew I was not lying at that point. He found the sigil on the wall behind my tiger poster and he said this thing right here needs to go ASAP. This is the source of all of this odd behavior in you, this fighting, the jumping on the bed feelings, all of it.

He ripped it up and I said oh, you shouldn’t have done that, it needs to be burned. He said I don’t care and he placed the ripped pieces in the toilet and pissed on them. I said, if you are right and this darkness we are feeling is coming from that sigil, ripping it up will not rid the house of that entity and pissing on it, you just made it mad. That night something led me outside and my hubby ran out there, noticed me standing in our back field looking up at a bright star chanting something odd. He kept saying get inside now, something feels very off out here. My nephew was with him, they practically started dragging me. Just then, they heard a fierce growl and saw a pair of yellow eyes glowing about 20 ft. away. They took off running and I just stood there, unable to move as I was entranced by those eyes, fixated on them. The eyes started moving very fast coming towards us as if it was a wild cat running. It went right past me and kept chasing my hubby and nephew until they ran inside.

Odd thing was, it had no body. It’s body was either invisible or so dark that all you could see were its eyes. My hubby and nephew said that if hell hounds were real, that is how they would describe that creature. Things got so much worse after that and the entity never targeted me directly, I was mainly affected in a psychological way. With me, it was more like the entity was turning me into a drunk so I’d be out of my mind all the time and using me to create very dark magickal items. Like the demonic encoded book I wrote, the black mirror, and mysterious sigils on parchment paper that I drew appearing all the house in random areas, and I had no memory of making any of it. Things got much worse for my hubby after that to the point he almost contacted Ryan Buell from Paranormal State to come and investigate. We ended up moving before I ever got a chance to cleanse the home or anything, and the person that moved in after we left contacted me wanting to know the history of the house as he said, something was touching his feet and jumping up on the bed every night at 2:30 a.m. and we afraid to go to bed.

Still to this day never knew what that was, or if the sigil was the real source of it. I bought it at an antique metaphysical store, thought it looked cool and took it home. The sigil was already pre-printed on a piece of parchment paper. I still to this day have never found any sigils like it. It resembled a hexagram in many ways. The shop keeper had no idea who the sigil was for and neither did I but I was going to meditate and scry on it and find out the name but before I could, everything got out of hand. Whatever or whoever it was, is still back at that house. I left it there. It tried to follow me but at my next home I did a major sage cleansing and energy banishing and sent it back to that house trapping it there because I had no idea how to trap an entity into an object. It was very scary indeed.

When I finally got out of that house, just before banshing it, I got a name. It was Bayne. Odd, because bayne made me think of BANEful magick and the sigil was very close to a hexagram pattern which can be used for curses. I thought maybe bayne was actually BANE, as in baneful magick. Maybe it was some type of curse I brought into my home, or maybe the previous magician had bound that entity to that sigil or the parchment and by consecrating it, I released it unknowingly. Still not sure exactly what type of entity that was, but it was very scary and strange. Everything that happened had a text book movie feel about it. Almost as if I was under a trance or possessed. Every time it appeared you could smell sulphur, sewage, and rotting pipes smell in the house. You could not smell this any other time, only when it was present. We even had the pipes and the septic tank looked at by professionals, nothing was faulty. Light bulbs blew out all the time, light switches would short out and flicker too like this thing did not want you to turn on the lights.

My hubby had to leave for work one week, and he came home to find that I had painted 13 paintings on identical size canvases, all demonic and very dark natured art and had them strategically placed all over the house. Each painting had a very weird sigil on the back, but he burned them all out of fear. I don’t know what really happened back then but let this be a warning to any newbies, do your research before you go messing with anything occult related that you are uneducated about.

Anyone have an idea of what Bayne may have been? Or any knowledge of sigils similar to the classic hexagram? This one had several arms coming out the middle that ended in sharp points, circular shaped. The only thing I found that was remotely similar is from this book call the Apocraphya and I traced that to a set that used to be sold at Borders and Barnes & Noble, it came with a parchment scroll of sigils, a black candle, a crystal, and something else I believe. All of this happened back in 2008. I know this all sounds crazy, but this was very real and in no way exaggerated. Others experienced it with me, so there were witnesses.

You cant disrespect the spirit world plain and simply. As simple as having an alter room and then treating it as a toy is mockery. To me it seems you have to work pretty hard to make a sigil produce an etitity, and if you speak with them, there should be no reason not leave the sigil out. You cant summon a spirit and ignore them. That would be like having you come over and then ignoring and mocking you, right? The next tentants will likely be fine after a while, but you might want to let them know to scrub around that place really well.Meditate, raise the vibrational frequency, laughter and love. If youre miserable what do you think, you are going to see angels?

Sky,this happened a long time ago.I know Raven has learned her lesson…

Well Sky, I don’t appreciate the way you spoke to me, I feel like you were talking down to me as if I am a newbie that doesn’t know what I’m doing. This happened back in 2008 leading into 2009, not recently.

And I spoke to some of my patron spirits and finally discovered some things. I bought a scroll at a metaphysical shop with sigils all over it, I just wanted it to keep as an artifact collectible and neither me or the shop owner knew what the sigils were for. I hung it up on my wall to display it as just an art piece and some details are no one’s business which I will leave out, but that damn scroll brought an unwanted spirit into my house that possessed me against my will.

The spirit was distraught and angry and him possessing me was the reason I was so angry and unstable, it was not a result of fear from accidentally evoking him with the scroll, which I still have no clue how he manifested from that scroll, but him possessing me is why my behavior was so out of control. That was not my fault at all. I didn’t ask him to possess me and destroy my life back then. So no I am not disturbed, I am 100% content with my life these days and I posted this to help others that may be in a similar situation so they will know what to look for, signs of possession etc. not to have someone talk down to me like I need to be slapped on the wrist.

I did not evoke the spirit intentionally, it happened completely by accident one night when I was really looking hard at the sigils just to examine their lines and the artwork and I guess me looking so hard I must have accidentally charged the sigils. I didn’t even think the scroll was magickal, just wanted it for the celtic artwork on the sigils. So no, I did not evoke a spirit intentionally with no desire to speak to it and ignore it. Please read the entire commentary of a topic before you judge others. We all make mistakes.

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Hi Raven, I’ve read your post and there’s a chance the scroll could have been cursed but I doubt it as curses (as you probably know) tend to affect our outer situation rather than our state of mind unless the curse was tailor made to cause a specific psychological effect? Curses mainly tend to piss us off with all the negative situations they produce.

What you described however could be the result of a very nasty spirit imbued into the sigils. You can place a dark entity into objects which can lye dormant and then come alive once it has life force energy to feed off. Objects can be passed on to others and then start to feed off their energy in the house as this is where its placed. Whereas a curse can follow us about and not just be active within the vicinity of the source, “which in your case was your old house”.

I’m only guessing here but I also know that two identical designs can act as a portal or transporter of energy. This is a bit like sympathetic magic were we torture an effigy to effect the victim or target. Imagine two identical talismans or unique designs and one is placed somewhere to attract or give off various energy and its twin counterpart is placed in another house. Well the second design will start to give off the same effects as the other as its acting like a connecting link?

I imbued the essence of the Olympic spirit of Mars into an object last year to protect an outdoor area I like from becoming vandalised. I placed energy into this but it will only tend to become enabled when there’s people around so it can feed off their energy. This allows it to sustain itself for years! I posted about it here. It will however give you some idea as to how to go about this for your own benifit, or it will show you how to make someone a very dirty gift if they have been pissing you off!

I wasnt trying to be condescending, I thought it was a really good story, and I saw there were no responses. The only reason I responded was I imagined if someone looking for advice came across your post my reply would be a quick little answer to work through it.

I dont know anything about you and would never mean what I said to be taken personally it was purely for the perspective I stated. Yes, I see now you said it was a few years ago. It was a good story I guess that part of the story slipped my mind someway down the few paragraphs. Lately Ive been struggling with some sort of hex or accidental spiritual inexperience. I am completely and totally alone in it. Everything I can find information on just gets into God, Lake of Fire, or some hollistic mumbo jumbo.

I got apartment front/back gates slamming, I got packages being stolen off my porch, I got relationships crumbling, personal hobbies ruined… I have no fucking idea what to do. I honestly didnt mean to sound like that in my response to you at all.

Okay, thanks for clearing that up Sky. You just never know because on forums like this there is always a handful of people that never read the entire post and then reply based only on what they read so far and their replies are always “you should know better” or some even respond downright rude calling the poster stupid.

I figured you probably just forgot what you read, but the way you worded your response I was thinking I hope this person isn’t going to be another troll. You’ll see what I mean if you stick around for a while, some people never respond to help others or give advice some only post to criticize, point blame, or shame. But it’s a small price to pay I guess, and what do you expect when you have a forum full of magicians all journeying to become living gods? We all have different ideas of what being a “living god” means so I imagine some take on the christian hateful aspect of being a god. But don’t let that chase you away, all magick forums have people like that.