Newbie introduction

Greetings, I am deavon not my real name have some privacy problems.i am from india.i have reaserched and read a lot of books and materials(also got some teachings from some experienced people from which I came to this path).I have started practicing magic. And I am looking after to master magic and evocation.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome fellow Indian. You will find the lovely folks here will help you in your journey. The search system here will allow to research even the obscure parts of magick. Keep learning and awaken your black flame.

Morpheus Darkson

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Hi there, and welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

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Shalom. I wonder if you know about the spirits who are locked in chains & using humans to unlock them by doing magic? I don’t do magic any longer but I’m caught in a dilemma. My ? Is do you know the rules behind the innocent that must blow the shofar during the sacred time for spirits to be unleashed?

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