Newbie in need of major help

I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place for this but I don’t know where else to put it.

Basically I’m a major newbie, struggling quite a bit with contact and such but I really need some divine intervention at the moment. I don’t want to detail too much but I’m currently living in basically a tiny hole with family I don’t get along with. There’s a perfect lovely little home that I think my grandmother and I need, it has space and is near hospitals which is necessary as her health is failing fast and I feel we need basically a place to ‘nest’ before and when things get bad. The problems with that are money and my grandmother herself.

Is it possible to make quick contact with anyone who can help? I’m willing to do anything for them in return. They want worship or gifts or, hell, even animal sacrifices or something I’m more than willing. I just need a bit of mercy at the moment I guess.

Sorry for the ramble.


Try asking Bune or Nitika for help. Bune works pretty well if you need money and nitika works pretty fast. I havent tried using them for anything like obtaining a house, but they have helped me stay in my apartment and pay bills. Try this video to make contact with Bune. Chant the enn until you feel yourself in a trance-like state. Then call the demon’s name a few times until you feel you’ve made contact. Even if you feel no real pressence at all just know that the demon hears you. Make your request to the demon. Word your request so that it reads as though it has already happened: example: " i have enough money to buy the house i want ect."

Try to keep it one sentence long dont make any specifics like timeframes or how you get the money, unless you really need to. State your offering to the demon. For Bune, i find that they accept me buying things I enjoy in their honor. But make an offering that feels right to you and what you think the demon will accept and if youre not sure, ask around to get better offering ideas. Now feel that your request has already happened and feel gratitude towards the demon. Its best to write down your request and burn it while feeling as though it has already happened. Im sure others with more experience than i have will give you their input as well. Best of luck to you.

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Thank you! I petitioned Bune. Would it be inappropriate to petition Lucifer at the same time?

I don’t think it would hurt. Just tell them that Bune is working and that you would like their assistance as well. You can even make the exact same request.