Newbie. I need help. Can Magick help me?

I’ve such a strong crush on a girl…I can’t stop thinking of her but this girl has a boyfriend and I’m in a relationship with a “friend with benefits”. Just wanna make clear I’d never this girl I’m with, but I’m not in love with her and I feel a strong attraction for my crush.

I’m very busy working, chores and so on. I don’t wanna sound lazy but I have no material time to start reading and learning black magick thoroughly. However, I’ve the most important thing: my willpower. I live with my family I can’t set proper rituals with protection cleansing, specific oils and all that stuff. I can light some candles and burn incense in my room though, and play videos of rituals, sigils, enns or whatever on youtube.

I know magick is complex and it requires times and patiente to be learnt…I can’t just ask for something and wait for inmediate results, I know!!! The thing is I need to feel better and either stop thinking of this girl I like or shoot my shot and try to seduce her. I’m a very direct person I never think twice before asking out BUT this girl makes me feel so mad that I want to create attraction before I try anything with her.

I’ve read that it’s very important to set proper protection wards on my home, car and personal items before I curse or cast spells. But again, I read books and all of them come with difficult spells with strange herbs, objects and stuff.

I need to breakup my crush’s relationship and then cast a lust/love spell on her…or just cast the spell and see if she cheats on her BF with me and then make her break up. Please, don’t judge me, I’m just being transparent I like that girl I just wanna be happy with her.

My crush and I work together, for the same company but we don’t see each other everyday. We coincide maybe twice a week or so and sometimes we chat on whasapp or IG. I’ve never showed my true feelings I don’t wanna be seen as “needy”. Never treated her like a special person but I asked her for favors so that I could develop a closer relationship. She accepted to do some favours for me and ever since we’ve been closer…to the point I tell her my arguments and details of my relationship and she tell me her problems too…This is bad I don’t wanna be friendzoned I never behave in a very friendly way and I listen to her problems because she’s been very kind with me.

I really need to touch her, kiss her…even if a long-term relationship is not possible…

How can black magick help me get what I want??

I need to learn how to protect me and my surroundings and then start playing magick. I tried to summon Sitri and asked for this girl but nothing happened yet. I just meditated on Sitri’s enn whilst lying in bed but I used no candles or incense, nothing at all. I think I need to do things better.

If she is talking to you about her relationship problems, specifically, instead of talking to her partner about them, this usually leads to some kind of bonding. If she is in a relationship I would classify this as “emotional cheating”. Which, for your purposes, is not necessarily a bad thing. Not here to judge you.

I would recommend reading Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, which has a straightforward method (3 of them actually) for contacting demons and petitioning them. No tools necessary, except for a candle, if you have one.

Personally I wouldn’t be worrying about magickal protection if you’re just trying out love/lust magick. Either way, the book DoM includes an opening ritual which grants you magickal protection for the purposes of calling on a demon.


Thanks for answering…

The thing is I came across a guy on the internet who offered help for free. I needed some mentorship and he told me that in my case, he would suggest 1-LBRP+LIRP+CURSING THE CRUSH’S RELATIONSHIP, then 2 -LBRP+LIRP+LUST SPELL ON HER, then 3- LBRP+LIRP+LOVE SPELL ON HER.

All these with one day off between rituals…and make sure to set protection wards on my items e.g. home, car and wallet.

I tried to start with LBRP but found it too difficult I tried a guided one on Youtube and couldn’t relax deep enough.

What do you recommend? Working with demons directly?

Meditating on an enn and not asking for anything/looking for communication has only led to frustrating demons on my end, but I’m not sure your personal experience with it. I’d suggest using them when trying to communicate clearly though as opposed to just casually.

Truthfully, I’ve never done LBRP so I don’t see the need for it. Black magick can help in lots of ways though… specifically if you’re willing to not have a “happy” relationship with this girl. There are VERY few love spells that work out long term and lead to anything near actual happiness. Now, it’s much easier to have a hook up or to have someone obsessed that it is to make a person “love.” In your case, seems like you’re friends which is a good thing because as @Veil mentioned it means you have a bond.

I’m gonna suggest you use the search feature and check out the dark turns love spells have taken and also going to suggest you reconsider your choice of spirit. Sitri is known for lust and sex and games and not for love or relationships for a reason. While you can ask for love, it’s more likely you’ll get a passionate fuck (or a few) and then if you’re luck be back in the friendzone. Love spells can make people lose their minds really quick, so caution is advised. Lots of new people want to use them because “I really like them so much” or “they broke my heart” and try to start there, but like all other mind/emotion manipulation rituals and rites, research and learning before casting is important.

I don’t see a need for all the steps you’ve outlined, but if you’re interested in cursing (which I personally think is just going to create more problems), do use at least some protection. You don’t know how much others have going on that you can’t see. Here’s why I think it’ll make more problems (so you don’t think I’m moralizing because I just suggesting you skip the step really, I’ve k illed people with magick):

  1. You’re gonna have to clean it up. Like she’s gonna be in tears and crying about it and everything and she’s gonna go to you and then friendzone you some more if you’re a decent person about it. 2. It’s an extra ritual. 3. Unnecessary cursework, In My Personal Opinion is just a waste of time and effort and sometimes stress. 4. It might just be easier to get her to see you’re better than current relationship.

I’m not against some manipulation, like pointing out his flaws and making her feel against him and like he’s against her, but that doesn’t have to be a whole separate curse and is likely how this thing will begin whether you do the extra ritual(s) or not.

Hope this hasn’t been too confusing. Pretty much, make sure you do your research, no need for the curse, and maybe pick a different daemon to work with.


thanks so much such a good answer mate.

The thing is I’m obsessed with this girl and this can’t be love as I’ve not even kissed/fucked her…but what I feel is strong enough to make me feel sick and think of her too often. I’m happy you tell me there’s no need for protection, LBRP and cursing. I’m pretty busy working and I can’t spend too much time preparing everything I just feel demotivated so a simpler ritual would help. (I don’t wanna sound lazy but as a newbie who’s never seen a spell work effectively, I lack the motivation to spend lots of time and effort on something I don’t know is gonna work or not. Don’t get me wrong I’ve faith in Magick but I don’t wanna be delusional and full of hope just to end up without this girl.)

All I want is her to like me, kiss her, touch her, fuck her. I want her to think of me like I do. I don’t mind if she ends up mad and upset I don’t really care about the consequences, I feel so ruthless because of this obsession. Ok I don’t care if we are not gonna be happy forever, I don’t care if Magick leads to a toxic relationship. All I know is I’m currently suffering because I don’t have her so all I want is this woman.

Please could you tell me what plan should I follow? I don’t have “special” items or ingredients just incense and red, black and white candles.

You have to understand how hard it is for a newbie to have faith and motivation…If I ever cast a spell successfully then it’ll be much easier to learn and gather the energy to be a good magician…all I need is to know that I can play Magick successfully. It’s like a newbie in the gym if they don’t have muscle gains they’ll give up. However, if they see results they’ll be eager to learn and train and eat more and more.

Sometimes I feel it’s better to give up and:

1-Give up and think and assume she’s not for me. After all there are plenty of girls out there.
2- Try to seduce her without any Magick, just shoot my shot and accept the result.

HOWEVER, this girl is not just a tinder match or something like that. I do like her I can’t help it.

That is absolutely not what I said at all. Re-read it.

Nope. I don’t. I think if you’re not interested in putting time and effort into this, don’t bother half-assing it. Spirits want your respect and thinking this doesn’t matter because you don’t know how it will turn it is not very respectful. If you waste their time with minimal motivation and suspicious that this won’t work out, don’t be surprised when they fuck with you–especially spirits like Sitri. There’s more to these daemons than what you read in a few sentences of the Goetia.

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If you like her and want her then do what you need to do magickally to get her. That includes rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work to do it.


There are plenty of beginners here that have put in the work to manifest their deepest desires, including the affections of a particular man or woman. This isn’t impossible. You don’t need fancy materials, you don’t even need candles for crying out loud. You need belief, faith, intent…motivation. You have all of that, and you have what you need to succeed. Despite what’s going on in the “here and now”, regardless of how the situation looks currently, if you have faith in your work, fuel your work with enough intent to materialize your desires into reality, if you can see and believe your desires will manifest, with no doubt…then you’ll be on the right track.


I have a strong will power I sacrifice my time and leisure if necessary.

But then there’s something different when it comes to Magick: plenty of strange objects and stuff. I was willing to curse this relationship I talked about above; but then I was recommended a book and, dang, full of protection rituals about cleaning my home with specific herbs and stuff. How am I supposed to stage such rituals if I live at my family home? How am I gonna scatter stuff around my apartment?

Ok you said willpower, desires, faith…I have all these I promise you ,but, every successful magician seems to use Magick in a fancy way: they wear special robes, they have altars, they have spices, herbs, statues, sigils… they know specific prayers.

I think I’ve been wrong and I don’t want demons or Magick to think I’m being arrogant and lazy. I’ll try to improve my rituals, I have to gather the energy and faith and try to envisage the outcome.

I have so many doubts though…I mean, is it enough to be willing to achieve something and meditate with faith and dedication, or do I need to follow a specific spell with specific phrases using specific items and so forth? That’s what I don’t know…There are so many different spells out there how am I supposed to search on google and know which ones are good and which ones are bullshit? Then if I just say my own prayers trying to ask for what I want I feel like “empty” in the sense that Magick needs to be followed using specific prayers and a specific stage…

Yep I like her so much… the problem is I don’t control Magick. If it was just put the effort like do 200 squads everyday and 30 push-ups then I’d do it. But I don’t know what path to follow to get what I want. That’s why I have little faith at times.

I’m glad you and the other user told me about desire, will and dedication I really have those tools I’ve used them to study, find a job, etc… but then I need to learn more about ritual preparations. Do you recommend demons? (I mean proper rituals, I’ll be respectful and try to do my best) I’ve read of Sitri, Zepar, Asmodeus…they all are related to lust-sex-love

There will always be a reason not to do things. At the moment, I light incense and candles on my dresser and sit on my bed with my journal and cards to have rituals. Sometimes, I use the floor and face the right direction. Hasn’t negatively affected any of my craft. No fancy robes either, I do dress up sometimes because of how it makes my feel and because it can show dedication/respect but by that I mean I wear nicer clothes for a few hours.

If this is what you’re seeing in staged pictures and on TV, it’s for dramatic effect. Don’t be intimidated by these things.

Improving ritual isn’t about buying more things. If that what you understood from my other post, you understood wrong. Putting in serious effort isn’t about the things you have collected and scattered around, it’s about motivation and hard work to learn and empower yourself. This is first and foremost about how you think about you.

Most of the time, most words will work. However, in the case of traditional practices this changes.

You find the ones that most compel you and try them out. Trial and error style sometimes. Use the ones you like the best, the ones that resonate and dump the rest. The point is to put the work in and read so that you can make informed and educated choices.

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People here have already suggested you the book : Demons of Magick where the author goes straight to the point how you can get this girl without any complications such as herbs, wards or whatever. Why do you still keep asking the same stuff?

In my opinion, you’d be better off by just getting rid of this feeling because it sounds like you’re more willing to get free from this obsession than having a clear plan for the girl…

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Freindzoning is a myth, it just means someone isn’t attracted. Go ahead and be friendly, look out for her and protect her, just don’t be soft about it… you’re right not to look needy.

Have you tried asking her on a date?


We are quite friendly now and I asked her some small favors which he did and I said I’d invite her for a coffee/drink/whatever and she said of course. Then she listened to some of my problems and I said we have to go out for lunch/dinner to a steakhouse which we both like.

I’ve not paid for anything yet as we don’t coincide a lot at work and we don’t live in the same city so I don’t wanna make huge efforts and invest too much on her yet. Need to create more attraction first.

Sure I’ve already downloaded the book and I’ll read it just wanted to know if I needed something else. Some people don’t recommend to work with demons as some of them are reluctant to work with people…that’s why I’m torn between demons or just spells.

thanks mate; interesting!

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I’ll give you some hard but incredibly useful advice. Learn the difference between an abundance mindset versus a scarcity mindset. If you think she is the only one for you you will become desperate and lost all your value (people who can get anything but choose you are incredibly valuable. The idea of “ignore them and be a bad boy” seems to stem from this and the fact that women like men who try feel can protect them). If you can start looking for other people one of three things will happen. 1 she’ll realize that your attractive because you will become more attractive. 2 you’ll realize she isn’t all she’s cracked up to be and be better off for it. Or 3 you’ll gain valuable understanding of your own worth and you and her will continue to be friends in a more sincere and healthy fashion.

I’ve been in the place of looking for magick to bring me a partner, spending hours looking online for dating and sex advice and even going so far as to read entire books on the subject. Now while for me personally I like learning and I believe those things are net benefits to me in the long run, the most important thing I have realized is this. I am fucking incredible and any woman would be lucky to have me in their life. I can have anyone I want and as long as I pursue my passions and work on myself I will find people who are attracted to me and at the same time become infinitely more attractive. A good friend of mine said it like this. “Love and life are like Is thousands of distinct hallways. Some people go through life hopping from hallway to hallway trying to find someone that they can spend their life with and end up missing so many people because they never stay in one hallway. If you go down the hallway that you like solely because you like that hallway you will eventually find someone along the way who feels the same and you 2 will hit it off.”

I know that was a long read and technically not anything magickal but it is the best advice i can give and it cuts to the core of what the magick would achieve. Remember after all you are the magick!


The thing is I know all that stuff you said mate.

1- I’m in a relationship with an attractive woman. I post IG stories with her and my crush sees those stories.
2-I have other female friends to hang out with if I need.
3-I’ve never treated my crush as if she’s special. If you read my messages above you’ll see I remarked this. In fact, I’ve tried to ask her for favors so that we can become closer without me being the person that makes huge efforts.

Of course I treat her like a normal woman; of course she has flaws no one is perfect. But this is a forum nobody knows me I can be honest here and she’s always in mi mind I can’t lie to myself. Most of those “bad boys” you describe also text girls and feel love or attraction feelings towards them It’s all about attitude and I’ve never lost self respect or behave like a desperate man with her…but when I’m alone I suffer and I need to have her.

Let me put it this way. You can fake it all you want but she can sense this on a spiritual level. Once you get to the point where you don’t need her then things might be different. The fact that you need her is enough to push her away. If you need her then at the end of the day you aren’t going to be attractive. You can want her and strongly desire her but you need to be able to let go.


Again, she may or may not know that I like her, but I don’t see that per se as something bad…after all I go out and flirt with other girls and she knows that. I understand it would be a turnoff to be always praising her and as a single man…but if I’m busy with other women and also show some kind of attraction towards her, then what’s wrong with it?? Alpha male attitude is about that, not hiding your emotions and being direct saying what you want…

I second this, basically just read the book and follow the directions if you don’t have time to do that well…

There’s rituals specifically for attracting one who is in a relationship and there’s demons for passion, you could use multiple and attack the relationship from multiple angles.

I’ll warn you though I did a lust spell on a female but she later told me she wasn’t interested so there’s not a 100% chance it will work.

Keep that in mind the book is very useful and you can probably use different demons to get a new lover/lust buddy if this chick doesn’t work out.

Just some personal advice, I’d avoid falling for taken girls. If she’s talking to you about her relationship she’s getting you involved for a reason or using you as an emotional tampon. Try to figure out if she is actually interested in you. Just ask her, if she says no you can move on. If she says you can conspire to break them up and you two get together.