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Hello everyone!

I’m an European girl in her late 20s. I decided to join this community because I would like to find more information about demon I’ve been dealing with since my childhood.

I tried other forums and groups, but everyone told me to pray and hope for the best. Unfortunately, ten years ago I tried this piece of advice, and it didn’t work as I expected. He didn’t obey, and I became a very unlucky person. I spent three years visiting doctors because my health suddenly became terrible. I didn’t know with who I was dealing, but we made a deal “I’ll be your friend, if you won’t hurt me.”

It worked like a charm. I used to be the least popular girl at school and then suddenly something changed. My grades improved, and I even became a class president. Everything I did lead me to success. I even found friends with the same hobbies. I was happy. I even could guess things in the future and pass all the exams with almost no studying.

However, one night demon showed himself sitting on my bed. I wanted to scream, but somehow I felt safe. I asked him if he helped me to achieve everything. He didn’t say a word, just smiled. He kept me visiting for one year. I could feel his breath and hear him calling my name and asking me if I miss him.

Everything was fine, but things around me got worse. Everyone close to me (my friends and guys who showed interest in me) got hurt or almost died by commiting a suicide or having a carcrash. All of them. When my best friend almost died, I felt guilty and tried to poison myself. But the demon’s voice told me I don’t need them because I have HIM and my death won’t solve anything. Then I got nauseus and threw up. I didn’t die.

I moved to a new apartment and started dating some guys. It was okay because the demon didn’t find me. But guys reported me about weird lucid dreams they had and then all left me. The previous partner told me about unusual feelings he had when touching me. According to him, our relationship felt like committing a huge crime. It lead him to mental breakdowns, so we broke up. And here we go… The demon came back and has been visiting me atleast twice a week since 2016.

I became a loner again because I started losing my friends and dates again. Yesterday I was told that they weren’t good enough, and he can give me more…

That’s my story. He’s very powerful and lustful. He’s envious and possessive. I would like to find more about similar demons/creatures, so I joined this site. Three days ago he tried to have sex with me, but suddenly my dog started barking and he left. It means, the demon can be seen by animals.

I have no idea what to do… I like him because he helped me a lot. However, when he gets angry or envious, it’s a little scary.

Thank you for reading.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

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Welcome. I do have some advice for you.
Look up evocations on here and do that with him. Ask his name. Or wait until he shows up.

When you find out…let us know. Knowing his name is going to help us help you.

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Evoke the Archangel Michael, Leader of Heaven’s Army, to eradicate this pest from bothering you.


Draw this sigil in pen or permanent marker on a piece of paper. Or print it of and trace along the lines. Then stare at a point past the paper and calm yourself by focusing on your breathing, in and out.

With time, you should begin to see the sigil start flashing or lines moving, disappear, or appearing.

This means that the sigil is open. Now, inform Michael about this problem (it’s probably best that you write it down, it can be difficult to think properly in a state of trance) and ask his help to cast out this demon that is terrifying you.

That should fix it, if it doesn’t we’ll evoke the Archangel Samael, and if he fails, we’ll go right to the top to the Archangel Hayyael.


Welcome to BALG!

I believe, if I am not mistaken, that you have an incubus attached to you. Those with greater expertise might be able to advise further.

My perspective is to get to know this demon - what is his name? what does he like? what does he dislike? what does he want from you?

If you establish a relationship and establish some sort of boundary and agreement (you will keep your relationship alive by doing XYZ, in return he will protect you and allow you to have a human partner), you may be able to lead a more “normal” life. It seems he feels threatened that he’ll be supplanted. There are plenty of people here on BALG who have a relationship with an incubus/succubus and a human partner at the same time. It’s just that the demon has to feel that he’s getting what he needs/wants.

Find a way to communicate with him - directly or through a medium of divination (trance, Tarot, runes, automatic writing, etc.).


Thank you. I will try to know more about him.

Thank you for the reply. I believed it was an incubus, but when I asked him, he laughted and told me that he’s more powerful than them. And then he showed his true self. The human look was gone (a black-haired man with hazel eyes in his 30s). He has horns, his skin reminded a snake or a frog. It was cold and greasy.

He dislikes when I’m surrounded by people. But he also encourages me to be around men, seduce and make them crazy. I have moments when I can hardly control my lust. I feel like I become someone else.

By the way, recently he started controling my eating and drinking habits. I feel some pressure in my neck when I want to take a bite of junkfood. It sounds a little funny, but he takes care of me.

He likes arts and science. I get very creative when he’s around and my brain starts working like a little computer. I used to paint and write between 3 and 5 am.

His name sounds like Omadeus/Jomadeus. When I was young and I called him O or Joe.

As to lust, it would explain good your avatar lol.
And well that’s probably Asmodeus, instantly came to my mind.

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Thank you for the reply. I will check him in the forum.
Talking about the avatar, she looks like me, so I picked this avatar hahaha


Yeah…I considered the incubus possibility because they can do that stuff.

Asmodeus is not like that. Hes a seriously sexy mfkr in the swooniest sense and quite a gentleman so to speak.
Name similarity doesnt matter, even if its similar.
But after reading further it still sounds like an incubus.
As for the appearance…gods and incubi/succubi take on the look they wish…or what you expect them to.


It might be. If so, I hope to find the answers I’ve been looking for.

He can say any name he wants, so I agree with you. The name doesn’t matter.

But I don’t know if incubi can influence lives like this. I think they are just demons who seduce you and cause sleep paralysis during the night. Can they appear outside lucid dreams?


yes and yes. Incubi are very powerful beings. They are plenty capable of doing everything you stated.


Has the deity given any other signs for example are any colors displayed his type of clothing and the color of the clothing? Have any animals appeared in your visions a lion or perhaps a man wearing black armour?

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He wears a black hoodie most of the time and has an amulet on this neck. I will try to draw it sometime. He got black wings and mostly sends me numbers and dates in my dreams. He didn’t have any animals, but I had some visions and dreams with a white wolf.

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Interesting the deity is being deceptive. You stated in your first post that all this started as a teenager in high school. When you were in school as a teen did you ever experiment with witchcraft or perhaps candle magic? Any thoughts as to why this started to happen mysteriously when you were so young?

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Some classmates at school tried to invite a Satan or other demon using a needle, a candle and a board with some numbers just for fun because they saw a video or something on TV. I didn’t participate but I disturbed the process when entering a class and taking my bag. All of them had the same nightmare next day. And I was fine. I didn’t participate in the rituaI. I was 11 or 12 then.
When I was a child I could feel energies around me and see spirits. But the demon appeared when I was 13.


It has been a while. Finally, the incubus stopped visiting me. However, I needed to remove (romantically and sexualy) all men from my life. It’s calm for now, but I will use some tips you provided. I’m learning about sigils at the moment.

Why is this so different from the one E.A. posted in his evocation workbook?

I don’t know, different strokes for different folks?

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