Newbie here

I am a solitary witch of many years and have recently broadened my horizons to The Gallery of Magick and have found some very interesting learning. I have used in the past year Sigils of Power and Angels of Wrath. I have in the past month purchased Demons of Magick and just received my book today Sigils and Talismans of the Gallery of Magick. I plan to start with Forcalor to resolve a much needed situation.

I hope to meet new fellow members.

Magickal Willow
The Magickal Willow Tree


Welcome to our corner of the internet.

Welcome to the forum.

Is there anything you’re not interested in? Any particular path you are looking to learn about?


Do you practice a specific tradition of witchcraft?

Welcome to the forum :wave:t5::blush:

Welcome :blush: