Newbie first evocation king paimon

Hello elite masters and magician.
I wish to categorically appreciate your immense contribution and encouragement often enjoined here… and I wish to Sha my very first experience of summoning a demon and evocation… after exhaustive readings and gathering of useful information here… and preparation on my own path… I was able to execute my first spiritual evocation ritual practice exercise yesterday night…

It all started that I have gotten the info on materials here and due to unavailability of most materials in my location(Abidjan) I made some substitute hoping that king paimon will eventually tell me his desires…

Here it goes… I lit a blue candle at the edge of white plate and poured a powdered chocolate tea drink on the plate. I positioned King paimon sigil that I have sprinkled with a perfume I got from local store beside the candle… then I poured a sachet Irish whiskey drink in the cup beside the plate… I have my incense burning and In thick smoke… I sat down legs spread apart having all preparations altar in between my legs… I changed king paimon enn for about 30minutes and I said I wish to have him around me for conversation and manifest as assurance of established connection… and I acted respectful throughout… but I got no sign at all… and though I asked for him to show sign that he is with me or within… Yet no sign… then I pleaded that he should make sign with candle or flame of incense… But none… and I tried gazing for about 15minutes on the sigil to opening it… But nothing happened… then I said … I really admit that he’s within and around …but maybe my ability to feel/hear/see his presence is not strong enough and though I appreciate him and promised to do more of offerings as he may desire if I know them maybe through communication,dream, or voice in my head, should the one’s I presented is not his worth… and that I’ll like to dismis from the ritual and go-to sleep hoping I’ll see him… I said louder…

Then I let candle burn for few minutes and blew it off… left offering and settings the way they are until daybreak when I was an to dispose offering to nature and I took the picture…

Blessed people… Please let me benefit from your pool of knowledge and help me diagnose what I possibly could have done wrong…? Or doing wrong… as to why I couldn’t get any sign or answer…

Was it that …my offerings are way too low below standard and his expectations. ?

So that I can increase and to what amount/extent…?

I really wish to be with king paimon and enjoy his friendship and presence in my life.

I have no circle during the process… as ve read it’s not advisable in most cases.

I attached picture of my offering before disposing them off .

Please help me ascertain it’s eligibility from experience.



Good work! The ritual seems fine to me and you did get some results from what I notice.

Of course, the stronger your astral senses are, the better the results! Other than that, I believe he liked your offerings, since King Paimon accepts most offerings made to him.


Hail King Paimon… And thanks for raising my spirit again…