Newbie divination question?

I am waiting for the state offices to re-open so I can call them and find out if they know the hour I was born. My certified birth certificate does not show the hour but it looks like they may have other records that list it.
Until such time as they open, what will Geomancy tell me. I like geomancy, I made a talisman using geomantic figures, it does not seem to work but I still like it and it was my first try. I rarely get things right on the first time.
Would a geomantic divination reveal my strenght/weakness and such or should I just wait for a birth hour and let the astrologer reveal to me the forces that influence my behavior and thought patterns.

Does geomancy go over influences or is it more just about future prediction. I am looking for a way to move forward as a whole being, I don’t want to just know if it is favorable for me to invest time/money into a new project. I am looking to better understand why I am the way I am and to perhaps learn how to play to my strengths and be less exposed in vulnerable/weak areas (or a way to strengthen them).