Newbie and thinking to perform a ritual

hey so i have read a lot, these recent days and have some ideas how to go about it. but i am like really new to all this, in fact a month ago i didn’t even know any name of any entity. i am planning to do an evocation, what i want to ask you great people of BALG is, is it okay for a person who does not have much knowledge and literally zero experience, to do a ritual to invoke someone for help?

i would like to apologize if i should have put it in the general discussion, but my situation is related to love.

any help would be greatly appreciated, please bear with me i am like a kindergarten student in this school of knowledge.


Yes, it’s fine. Everyone has to start somewhere.

However, as a beginner, do you know how to open a seal to call upon a spirit?

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actually, so far what i have read and understand, is that i need to draw sigil and meditate on it. haven’t come across anything regarding seal, maybe my search tactics were not good enough.

Sorry, for the confusion. A “seal” is the proper term for what most people call a spirit “sigil”. Using the term helps to separate it from the homemade, Spare style sigils used in the Chaos Magick paradigm.

Opening a seal/sigil is a necessary technique to know for evocation/invocation. It is, essentially, dialing the phone number of the spirit you want to communicate with:


i read this article, i found out about it through some other post.
as far as i have read these are deities i can contact regarding relationship issues. Sallos, Dantalion and beleth. would you mind if i ask who would be most friendly or easy to work with, for a person who never contacted a spirit before.
a bit regarding my issue, is actually relationship was brought to a break mostly due to some of her friends influences, and some in between issues (which relationship doesn’t have some) but it has come to a point where there is no more contact in between for almost a month already before that two months were gone with break/space thing.

Sallos specializes in love/relationships and is said to be friendly towards beginners, so I would go with him.

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thank you so much. for everything, i will start looking into Sallos and do as much research as i can. thanks

on the other note, i have some question regarding somethings. is it okay to create a new post this soon or just ask here? i am sorry i know i am asking a lot of questions here.

not just sallos he is wonderful tho lord dantalion is as well he can change thoughts of the person master furfur can also bring love to you uhhhhhh thats all i know cause prince sitri deals with sex lust kinda thing


Yes, you can create as many threads as you want. You might want to try using the search function (the magnifying glass) in the upper right of the screen first though. There is a lot of information available here so you will probably be able to answer your own questions.


i forgot mistress gusion also she reconciliations ppl


I have posted a rite for fulfillment of desire. You can try it.


thank you for suggesting that, sadly its hard to find funerals here, where i live. (not like there are no deaths but cultures are different.

thank you for sharing this. Dantalion i knew about but a friend of mine (which has way more experience is planning to help me out with that.) but i thought if i reach out myself, it will make it better. i have yet to do anything as i am still learning and researching about everything related.


there is alot of info about some of thm on here i just posted about master furfur really just take your time and you should b ok pm me if you have and questions

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I’m gonna echo what some of the other wonderful folks here have said. Use the search feature. Do your research. Figure out which entity seems the best fit for you. Figure out a method or ritual that you feel comfortable with. Then reach out and have a chat. And remember, be respectful.

Best of luck to you.

You can PM me if you want.

I’m currently in an active working relationship with Lucifer, Belial, Lilith and Dantalion. Praise them. And they have been amazing. I also have Behemoth working on something for me (thank you, Lilith and Behemoth for that one) and recently invoked Malphas to aid in a healing with moderate success. It was too late to save my beloved dog, but I was able to give her comfort she would not have had otherwise, Praise Malphas.