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Hi all I’m new to magic and spirit working but have been drawn to magik but don’t no my path or what my energy is better for also would like to know if anyone can see if there is a spirit reaching out to me or if a path is calling out anything you can tell me would help me improve so much .

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Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Regarding your path, I may have some advice. When I first evoked Azazel, I had a unique experience, he told me that the blood of my Slavic ancestors were crying out and to “leave us Jewish myths to the Jews.” The next day I started researching about Slavic Paganism and that very night, Bog (God) Veles initiated contact with me. And I haven’t looked back, Bog Veles is my dedushka, or patron (literally grandfather), and he has been very active in my life.

So, my recommendation is looking into your ancestors and where they came from and the pre-Christian Pagan practices of your ancestors.


Should you scan me if possible?

Why not begin by establishing a daily meditation practice to begin with? Ultimately, all of this is about self-knowledge and discovery. Meditation is very helpful in learning to abide in the eternal presence that is you while allowing experiences, thoughts and feelings come and go. I think a meditative practice can be very useful for those engaging in the occult.

You can also read up on the “New Age Bullshit” like The Secret Trilogy by Rhonda Byrne, watch a lot of Abraham-Hicks videos etc. The “bullshit” may seem superficial but the principles they espouse are universal and vital to magic. Also read Neville Goddard’s work on the power of the imagination.

If you must go straight to the occult then maybe check out the work of Lon Milo Duqette. He is more Qabbalistic but he’s pretty goo. The simplest grimoires would be the Necronomicon Spellbook and the part of the Arbatel of Magic that deals with the summoning of Olympic spirits.


I can’t scan people, that’s not an ability I possess.

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