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Goodnight everyone

It turns out that recently I opened a drink business, :clinking_glasses: :tumbler_glass: quite small.
In my country, it is normal or common to sell on credit to the people of the neighborhood or the area and then people are paying you. Normally there are people who respect this situation, but recently I ran into a man who does not. This man owes me a relatively small, but significant amount of money in drinks. :yen:

The bad thing was that when I went to charge him at home he did not want to pay and he became violent and even called the police because “I was invading” his home. The police in my country defend the one who has more money, so they can not help me, even though I have proof that this guy is a thief. :angry::triumph:

The point is that I’m not even interested in the money back, I’d just like to give this guy a lesson. Asking in the area I found out that his modus operandi is to borrow and then make a fuss when he is charged because he wants to scare people and that they will never charge him again, I also found out that he is an alcoholic and that he does not get along with anyone in the zone precisely because of his personality and because he is a thief (who nobody can touch). :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

I’m not interested in doing a ritual to get my money back, I’m interested in doing a ritual to teach him a lesson. I want him to suffer. The problem is that I do not know how to do it, I am extremely new. I have read some rituals on the internet, including the ritual of E. A. Koetting called “The Most Evil Curse I’ve Ever Used.” My question is whether you recommend that someone perform this ritual following such simple instructions or if not knowing how to protect myself spiritually or energetically this is not recommended.

I also understand that doing a very powerful ritual to hurt someone very much for money seems exaggerated, but I would like to practice this ritual for other people who do not really deserve to live on this world, and the question is whether it is good to use someone as a guinea pig to practice or is too much. I also do not know how to make a ritual not bounce or fireback and I am the one injured …

Sorry for the long post.


Hey buddy, only do this if your absolutely sure you want this person to suffer. Like it isnt something your gonna feel bad about later. Theres so many ways to curse someone but the main thing is your mind has to be in the right place.

Ive done successful curses just with visualization techniques. Take all you hate, rage, anger, really build it up to where you feel the adrenaline. Love the hatred inside you as you visualize destroying your enemy, putting him thru a storm of your chaotic thoughts and putting the intention of misfortune apon him. Feel it, touch it, see it hear it, taste it.

Imagine what you’re doing is real and just defile the motherfucker until you have no anger left. Then let it go, distract yourself from the ritual, focus on unrelated things and youll start to see theyre life just start falling appart.


Simple and successful. Ive never had this technique disappoint me. People ive done this too get some hectic shit. Few years ago one of my supoosed friends completely fucked me over in a situation intentionally. I did this to him, he got the shit beat out of him, kicked out of his house. One of his family members beat him with a bat.

Weve since made ammends but if i walked in a store and he was there, he’d run out scared. Was impowering to know i could distill that kind of fear in someone.


Hi! Thank you so much. I will definitely try these visualization techniques!! I am pretty sure I want to do it! :blush::blush: and I will…
I want to start practicing too because I have so many enemies…I’m learning candles, so I have to be patient…THANKS!!

Lmao, people have been hurt for much less than this, he sounds like a proper dick and asshole i say go for it.

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Thank you!! You are right! I’m on process :slight_smile:

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The letting go thing can be difficult for a borderline sadist like me. The constant wanting them to suffer is always driving me lol