Newb Question relating to possible 'Lucid Dream Vampirism'

So yeah, I’m still new to very many things in magick: I try to know well what I do know, but there’s so much I haven’t the faintest broader conception of. One of these possibilities I’d like to ask the more experienced people here about, is about the likelihood of this morning’s dream in your more learned opinions.

The night before (well, into this morning honestly) was a bit rough, plenty of drinking and celebratory silliness all around, so I should have known that in my increasing “old age” a bad hangover was utterly unavoidable.

Except, I didn’t have a bad hangover on waking, or any hangover at all for that matter. Here is what I dreamed.

I was walking outdoors in the sunlight, through open fields that maybe once were pastureland but now blossomed unorganized in riotous colour. Little lone trees were scattered here and there, and I headed towards one in particular on a small hill. When I neared it, there was a kind of shimmer in the air and it formed a pretty much humanoid outline. The figure was definitely ‘there’ after a moment, but details of its features were obscured by a peculiar trick, like rather than being covered up in shadows it was covered up by the lighting. I realized that this was a spirit that’s sympathetic to me and has been starting to ‘come out of the woodwork’ with my recent commitment to magick, and the realization that I could see it this clearly clued me in that I was dreaming.

This initiated the kind of ‘vertigo’ that I get pretty often when trying to become lucid: all of my surroundings began twisting and turning like a spirited horse trying to ‘throw’ me back into ignorant oblivion, and I began trying to stabilize myself and ‘ride it out’. The figure placed his hand on my shoulder and everything became calm.

Now I don’t want to get too far into my ‘theoretical underpinnings’ I’ve been making do with for lucid dreaming, but in my limited experience, my LDs have indicated some kind of “layering of the soul”. A lot of my LDs, have been -me- technically, but it’s been I guess my “animalistic soul”, full of violent and animal urges and being a real bastard to those around me - like a dog that knows its opportunity in a place is rather limited so it goes all out before its time is up. I venture that this “animal soul” is of course much closer to the physical body and physiologically-derived instincts.

-Sometimes-, very rarely, I seem to become “full lucid”. This is like my “human soul”, more fully conscious and with better recollection of memories and motivations waking and dreaming. This “soul” is very weak in the lucid dream, at least right now. It has the lowest success rate so far in being able to ‘ride out the turbulence’ of first becoming lucid. Usually, not being ‘kicked out’ of the dream automatically seems to convert my dream consciousness to the “animal soul”.

When this spirit put his hand out to ‘steady’ me, the consciousness in the dream was something different. The “animal soul” seemed to have more raw power at first glance, had no real self-consciousness or awareness to speak of, and in the dream it carried out the goals deriving from the drives of the body. The “human soul” seemed pretty weak, although it has I believe great potential to learn and remember skills in the dream world, and its chief advantage lies in its recall and its consciousness - it is, basically, the personal waking ‘identity’ and will carry out its goals just as you would whilst awake, all depending on your ordinary waking level of enlightenment. This new mode of dream consciousness I might call the “magickal soul”. It was more conscious than the “animal soul”, certainly more enlightened, more so it seems than the ‘full lucid’ consciousness which would love to awake and then -remember- some of what the “magickal soul” knows - and while the “animal soul” is strong in a raw way but uncreative, the “magickal soul” has such clever and intuitive ways of accomplishing its goals, but all without troubling the conscious mind! It’s as if it knows intimately, reflexively, the magickal procedures needed and does them without -needing- to overthink, letting the conscious awareness marvel briefly and then move on!

But enough of that theoretical garble, here’s what happened lol.

The spirit told me to follow, and disappeared. My magickal soul knew exactly what to do, and disappeared right after him, re-appearing in a different place. Wish I could tell you -how-, but that was such a simple thing to this level of consciousness that it wasn’t -worth- sparing a thought for. More experimentation while fully lucid will hopefully bring results in replicating this now that it’s been done. All I know is that it was a matter of -will- and creative intent.

I found myself in the interior of a church. I was puzzled, but the spirit smiled at my reaction and told me there was no need to be apprehensive about something impotent in itself. The real reason we were here was because of who else would be. Sure enough, just down the hall someone just appeared out of nowhere. My magickal soul “knew” that they had just dreamed themself there. We started walking toward each other, and the spirit seemed to blend perfectly into the background out of her sight, it’s voice resounded in my head, though, “SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO.” At this point my conscious control took a back seat and the intuitive power of the magickal soul started showing what it knew but it was my goal to remember.

The other person was indeed a girl, young and pretty, and to my eyes a golden aura of purity shone around her, that of a true believer. I could also sense though that she was -not- in control of her dream, and however she might live whilst awake, here her restrained urges -would- find their outlet, because her waking religion was not in perfect harmony with her subsurface desires.

I saw in her eyes attraction, also trepidation through her lack of ‘experience’ if nothing else. My magickal soul advanced to her and kept her eyes locked, and her dream self wanted more and more to indulge in the forbidden, but rather hilariously she didn’t know how so she just stood there trembling like a frightened rabbit. The magickal soul took her hands, without malice, without love, merely performing its task. My magickal soul kissed her, and she flinched dutifully but then began to return it, more and more energetically. At this point her aura began to flare, and the plain golden light of earlier vanished like so much thin smoke in a strong gust to be replaced with all sorts of bold, vibrant, -strong- colours that lay under the surface. I may dress up the words now out of a vague “guilt” at preying on someone weaker (the strong are fair game), but the magickal soul was quite dispassionate - it also knew that she would survive, and her “purity” would be intact, she’d just still be stuck in the same ill-fitting spirituality when she woke up.

I bit her then on the lip, and she was into that, too, and from that acceptance of that slight bit of pain I was able to siphon energy from her. There was a lot of it (more I believe than more profligate individuals would have retained), and I only took a relatively small amount. The point here I believe was what the spirit was trying to teach me about letting the “magickal soul” take over and seeing just what it could do as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

The spirit left me after that, and she left either for another dream or to wake up, and the rest of my morning was spent lucidly roaming around and thinking over what had happened. Which did not stop after I awoke. I honestly wasn’t even going to post this at first, but I have to know your opinions.

Is something like this possible? Was that another actual person that I “borrowed” energy from to stymie my hangover? Was it a dream construct, and does that matter since the results were the same? Is there even a way to know? Can anyone elaborate on the different “levels” of consciousness, and has anyone experienced anything like the “magickal soul”?

I wish I could post a massive block of text like that and be able to -tell- people something useful, but it looks like I’ve just ended up -asking- instead. But, would anyone care to weigh in on this?

Thanks for your time,


Everything is possible. Could it have been a person? Yes, though I have a feeling that it was a construct. Whether or not it was a person doesn’t matter IMO but I’m no vampire. I suppose if you tried evoking the figure again, you would get more knowledge. Though I’ve never experienced something like this, I have heard of similar cases.

Not much, I know, but hopefully it helps.


Interesting read, reminds me of those dreams in which you are 100% lucid yet decide to go with a certain guidance or aspect which in retrospect makes you wonder just who was calling the shots, simply because you act so out of tune with human morality and logic (and so effortless).

Funny thing about this is that only an hour or so before I stumbled onto this post I was being advised by one of my darker guides to try something in this vein (pun intended!), which of course led me to the same question as you - just what type of consciousness would I be draining and what would the consequences be? It made me think about the person that asked Bashar about eating meat and it being predatory, to which he responded that plants are just as alive as animals. You could see the confusion in that persons eyes when she realised she could not get out of eating life to sustain herself.

I agree with Observer that it could have been both options. I too feel it is a dream character, or construct if you will, simply because if it were the projection of a real dreamer I believe you would have been given a clearer choice in the matter. Does make one wonder, if it was a dream character and draining it revitalised you so much, isn’t it about time we started “eating” our unguided energy more often?

Anyway, if you continue with this I’d love to hear your experiences. I’ll share mine if I decide to go with it (very likely).

You are a magician, are you not? If it were me and I were proficient with divination, I would just scry and find out. Or evoke an appropriate spirit and ask. If it was indeed a person, you might be able to feed on her a few more times. :wink:

Thanks for the replies, I was away on business so I apologize for taking so long to get back to this.

Observer, yeah, it kind of leaves one not so much certain of one possibility but having to consider multiple ones.

Yuri, very interesting. And that makes two here who think it was a dream construct. I know many will say that practically speaking it doesn’t matter so long as you get results, but I think either answer has -huge- implications for just how much -can- be done from a dream state. I really will have to give this more attention I think, rather than treating it as just a funny little ‘side phenomenon’ along my ‘greater path’ of ascent.

Superstes, divination is something I’m ok at - scrying, not so much. And for divination, at least where I’m at with it, there’s a certain flavour of information and perception I’d get from it, but what I really wanted was specific insight from any knowledge and experience some forum members had with this type of thing. But I’ll be honest, I also just didn’t -want- to spend the time divining on -this- that I considered a kind of minor ‘incident along the way’ while I -really- concentrated on ascent! I guess I could do with being reminded that there’s really no such thing as coincidence, that rather than this being some sort of “distraction” from my main path, this is a -part- of it and is worth investigation, just going by the questions it’s ended up making me ask myself.

I imagine we could all benefit from asking ourselves every once in awhile, “You are a magician, are you not?”

Ps I’m back, forum. Hope to be extra productive here with all the excited energy I’ve gained from all my rl projects.

So has anything around this idea been explored by you further? I myself have temporarily moved away from the heavy dreaming work to get some physical stuff sorted, so alas I have little to report.

I understand that for sure. I’m -temporarily- paying attention to consolidating a more secure base for finances through making a runic talisman. That should free me up to invest more time and “energy” into dream work. I will definitely share anything really cool that I learn about this, barring some extremely personal revelation but there’s no reason to expect that.

This is a shameless bump stemming from my examination of long-term trends in my magickal development pending the posting of a project of mine attempting to sum up replication of/inspiration by my path thus far.

I just want to point out for everyone on whatever stage of their path, that 1) there is never any telling what unpredictably life-changing currents, lessons, and possibilities will arise from what, early on, you may be tempted to view as that laughable thing in magick: “coincidence”, or a “tangent” or “side phenomenon”. But which can lead you the some of the most fateful destinations when followed through with a fearless conscience.

  1. That there are few things as efficacious in serious Ascent as powerful and apt spirit teachers who are genuinely interested in you and invested in a long term relationship.

I’ll be presenting some of the current lessons and conclusions from this “coincidental side phenomenon” in the near future, so this’ll make more sense then, but in the meantime never pass up the chance to uncover the significance of a noteworthy experience, because its consequences might change many more lives than just your own. :wink: