New Year's Gift From Your Friendly Neighborhood Demon: Adulting In 2019

2018 was a hard ass year for some of us magically as well as mundane wise. As part of what I’m doing to cut the head off 2019 with a blade sharper than what the God’s can craft, here is a extremely practical Meditation on the root chakra whose purpose is to ground you in the mundane and magical; and also prepare you to adult through 2019 and through life.

The Root Chakra

This is the crossroads of your being. The place where Divinity and Maninity (the state of being totally human…yes I made that up Copyright 2019) meet and combine.

It houses your ability to support yourself magically and mundane wise and survive. It houses the Will to Power and is the Source of Hope and the drive to continue on in a break and hopeless existence.

The Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position and get into a meditative State. Focus on your root chakra and feel your ability to survive.

Simply feel it.

It will automatically begin to restore itself and clear. Feel your ability to manifest money and it will do the same.

Allow yourself to release poverty and lack and you will feel a type of energy drain that is refreshing at the same time. You are making yourself a clear conduit for conducting money magic. :ok_hand:

Continue with whatever comes to mind and meditate on it.

When done, ground yourself.

The Grounding Method

Vizualize Tree roots of Black Darkness, and Extremely Bright Lights coming out your root chakra and down into Earth.

These roots are the roots of the Tree Of Life and The Tree Of Death.

Feel them grounding you on Earth, Hell, and Heaven. Feel them grounding you into the Mundane and Magical world’s firmly.

Let the combined power of the Sephiroth and Qlippoth course through you and strengthen your root chakra.

When done, feel the roots retract into your Root chakra and come out the Meditation.


That is a gift for you guys, I hope it works well for you. Let’s get it in 2019. Happy New Year from America to all my friends, magical family, students, and enemies I have yet to kill:ok_hand::grin:

Kicking Ass and Chewing Gum in 2019,
The Grand Demon of Ascent :metal:


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enemies I have yet to kill**:ok_hand::grin:
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