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HI Everyone, Im new here, Just saying Hi.



Welcome. Please introduce yourself here and tell us about yourself beyond just a “hi.”:



Hi Dr. Bliss here.

I’ve been practicing magick since I was about 15 or 16.
I’m most comfortable with divination via Tarot. Candles, Herbs and stones are my thing. I fall into an eclectic-Kitchen Witch category, but I hate labeling myself, no matter the subject of interest.
I’m currently interested in studying and practicing more ceremonial and trance magick.

My current goals are, more money, more recognition. Im an Artist and would like to do that full time and not worry about where the money will come from, or if it will come when i need it. So far I’ve been able to stay well above water. Im just ready to start sailing soon.

My sister recently passed away suddenly which sparked a new interest in mediumship to try and communicate with her other human and non-human intelligences. Im in communication almost daily with 3 separate entities, 2 of which are Angels.

After feeling a strong urge (a feeling that lasted what seemed like months) to see the film Hereditary, I’ve been fascinated with the spirit that starred in the film, King Paimon, and have been trying to find more books about them and records of their rituals. So far I’ve only found stories from people who claim to work closely with the spirit.
The patron spirits I’ve dedicated myself to, years ago, are Aphrodite and Adonis. Though when I choose to work with any Divine being, which is rare, it’s usually Aphrodite.

I haven’t practiced magick with a group in years, probably not since I started. And the few times I have, it was only a ceremony for an Esbat or Sabbat without any personal intention or goal in mind. I enjoy spending time with the Radical Faries, they’re a fun group, though most are not practicing magick. Im currently living in Hamburg, Germany, so the language barrier is a thing when it comes to connecting with the magickal community here, and the few witches I’ve met so far are…boring. And I haven’t met any witch or magickaly inclined person that has an interest in expanding their occult knowledge and practice what they study.

So thats all for now. Im excited to be here! If anyone can link me to some good books on King Paimon and other spirits of Old Mesopotamia, that would be amazing.

Best Regards,

Dr. Bliss

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Welcome. :slight_smile:

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Check out V K Jehanum’s youtube and website. The chants used in the film were from V K’s website and he did a review of what he thought of the lore in the film.

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