New Witch Intro

Hi everybody! I’m just going to go though the template because I’m terrible at this.
I’m Jasmine, violently Taurean.

I started out with an on and off relationship with Wicca between the ages of 11 and 20 but was both really underwhelmed and only partially engaged. Then I figured out there was a wide wide world of Occultism, magick, witchcraft, etc. to explore and I was back onboard. A lot more enthusiastically and seriously in the last year-ish. Especially since it seems there’s been a lot more attention and emphasis on things other than Wicca and Scott Cunningham. (Not there’s anything inherently wrong with either, I just don’t want to plague y’all with an essay.)
I’m really interested various forms of folk/’“Cunning” magick/the crooked path, Thelma, demonolatry, luciferianism, chaos magick, divination, etc.

My current goals are to be better familiarized with tarot at least enough to do basic readings, get a bit more organized with the way I study and work, get better at meditating, get a few basic rituals and rites down, and learn as much as I can all of the time.

Currently I really struggle with focus, concentration, meditation, those sorts of things, and trying to inhale too much information from too many different subjects at once. (I currently have ~5 working notebooks all reserved for different topics I lovingly refer to as the Holy Composition Notebooks of the Firmament.) When I get to studying or even just looking into something basic, I’m one of those people who keeps like 100 tabs open until my computer crashes. I tend to overwhelm myself really quickly but I’m getting relatively better at that.

Anyways thank you for reading my thingy and thank you for having me. I’ve been lurking for a bit and can already tell this will be a really rad, helpful community to be a part of.


Welcome to the forum !

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