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So I want to become a warlock, and some people said that is good to start by reading related books. The problem is, I’m still a minor and I don’t think my parents will approve magic, can anyone tell me a good free online book I can start with?

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Thank you

Welcome to the forum ! Try initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon

Modern Magick is very good, especially for beginners. They also have pdf books if you know where to look.

You could create a private amazon account then load it with a gift card you purchased with cash. You can read kindle e-books on your phone or web browser.

My three favorite publishers are The Gallery of Magick, the Power of Magick Publishing, and BALG (shout-outs to Corwin Hargrove as well).

If you are concerned about privacy, Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand and The Master Works of Chaos Magick and Sigils of Power and Transformation by Adam Blackthorne are all good books that don’t require you to speak out loud or have any fancy equipment, just a pencil and paper, and a private space.

A couple suggestions - keep a journal where you can record your rituals and make note of your thoughts. I write a little about the situation, maybe why I want the result, any thoughts that come to mind really. I like to write by hand, but digital works too. I would use digital if privacy is a concern for you. For your first rituals, pick something that would be fun to manifest, but that you’re not too concerned about one way or the other. Do magick for something that you do genuinely want, but that you won’t worry about too much. This helps with “Lust for Result,” which is a common difficulty for newbies.


you mean a witch right?

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Depending on what term they using. Witch is mostly used for female practitioners but can be used for males too. Here is a Wikipedia thingy on the word witch.

Warlock one term means oath breaker and is given to ones that betrayed their coven in some form or way but can honestly be given to ones that is notorious for braking oaths. But at the same argument a Warlock is basically a title given to ones that works with demons because in the mainstream Catholic/Christian (especially the older days) if one works with demons you have turned your back to God thus in their eyes, broken your oath to God. And another link to the word.

If I’m missing anything please let us know! :joy: I’m trying to understand the terms myself, though I just go along with anything or simply just say practitioner :thinking:

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Yes, welcome! And I second getting this. Just tell your parents its a philosophy book. You won’t be completely lying. And it has all the things you need to have a grounded practice.

Magician, sorcerer. Warlock, witch. Occultist… The titles are up to the person, imo. We all know what they mean, lol.

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Im aware what they meant. That’s the whole point. Warlock is a oath breaker, a betrayer of their vows and/or their coven, Is not the male of witch by any mean. It was MADE into male of witch by Hollywood.
It’s basically a derogatory term.
A witch is a witch. It’s a gender neutral term. It means something like Wise One. But hey, call yourself what you want.


Basically. But another reason why I find labels for most part just extra spice. I mean in the end we are all practitioners just different paths and ways of doing it :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Warlock means oath-breaker.

I prefer the derogatory term because it is edgier. It even has the word war in it.

I think this thread is getting derailed from the original OP request. Can we please get back on topic to help this new member.

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