New video?

It would be nice to have s Ben qayin do a longer video than 15 mins. I’ve talked to him briefly on Fb but always seems to give me vague answers. Id like a consultation with him but money is an issue right now. So maybe someone can get in contact with him again for a new video? I enjoy his work and I really feel a strong connection with what he’s doing. So if he can make a new video that’d be great

When the black magician wants something,he doesn’t whine about it,he immediately puts forth a plan to get it.

THe key in tat is that while you’re physical resources,at the time,are limited,your spiritual resources are not.

Getting money is a good strategy.But doing some sort of spell,to get his attention,or EA’s,or someone’s,to come here,and read this is just as good.

Or even going into the inner workings of BALG,and request that the spirits go to them,and suggest that S Ben Qayin do a longer video.

From what I’ve seen of him,S Ben Qayin seems to be one of the most interesting people in BALG,for me…the fact that he has history in some very bizarre and eccentric pathworkings,like Lovecraftian and Jinn magic,makes his work fascinating to read and listen to.

So…yeah…I’ll go call up Azazel,since he’s the demon EA is closest to(at least I think he is),and see if he can do anything.And if enough magicians do this working to get EA’s intuition to tell him to help S Ben Qayin make a longer video,who knows.A chain reaction would happen.

That is how magic works,most of the time.Not by dropping stuff from the sky,but by aligning circumstances.