New Update to sick family member driving me nuts (down scrolling required to get to it)

My elderly mom is driving me nuts. She feels sick, nauseous and has a tooth ache plus a bit of depression (I think. Because she says ‘I wish I hadn’t lived so long and ‘I want to die) though that could just be because she’s feeling so sick from whatever is wrong with her. I don’t think she’s suicidal I think she’s just feeling very miserable and is trying to express that but it’s coming out in a very distressing manner. She’s afraid of going to the dentist or anywhere else cuz she’s afraid of covid and hasn’t got her shots yet cuz she feels too sick to.

She keeps going ‘Jesus Jesus Jesus’ with an occasional ‘Jesus help me’ and keeps saying to me ‘I’m sick I’m sick’ and ‘I don’t know what to do’ ‘what do I do’.

Does anyone know a mantra or anything I can say over her to help her feel better?

She does that Jesus Jesus Jesus thing almost constantly (at least she does when I’m around). It’s annoying me driving me crazy and making me wanna (you can probably guess what it’s making me wanna do).

She wants me to miss work but I don’t know how to help her and honestly I don’t wanna stay hone with her cuz at least at work I’m away from her incessant Jesus Jesus Jesus that she prayers out loud.

Mantra? Or anything?

I keep telling her she should go to a dentist but she keeps insisting she’s too sick to and doesn’t feel like it she keeps saying ‘I can’t I can’t’.

I’m losing my patience and coming to the end of my wits end with her. I keep getting thought of trying to do something to some sense into her.

Mantra? Anything?

Edit add: now she’s saying she’s ok for me to goto work so I’m probably going. BUT I still need something for when I get home after BECAUSE she’s driving me nuts. So please please please suggestions?


Use Darkest Knight’s mantras I think he had one you could use for other people?
If you’re comfortable with Raphael, then I’d suggest petitioning him to help with her healing process. Or with a demon, and then try to convince her to go toba dentist. A tooth ache with nause makes me think of an infection, but I’m no doctor so don’t take my word on it. But maybe give it a try?

Dentists are medical professionals they will already take precautions. If you want to influence her mind, I always say King Paimon is the one you can go to. I’d suggest talking to her firsr (assuming you haven’t already).

If it’s the “jesus, jesus, jesus” driving you nuts, put in some earphones and play something. Or just keep them there to lessen the sound. Ik how irritating repetitive phrases can be regardless of how much concern you have for someone.


Sounds like the dentist is your best bet here. It could just be an infected tooth that’s influencing the rest. To go along with what Onion suggested, I would suggest calling on spirits that can help influence her to go to the dentist. Maybe call on Jesus and ask him to influencer her. Whichever spirit’s willing to help.

Otherwise, she’s going to drive you crazy. It would drive me crazy, too.


Thanks I’ll try the spirits mentioned and keep trying with the dentist part.

She’s been doing this for at least the last week and I keep telling her to go to my dentist (mine works at the emergency dental clinic about 4 miles away on the Main Street. Pretty close & easy to get to with good hours 8am-8pm most days including weekends though my dentist works every other Sunday not every one).

But that’s why it’s driving me bonkers. A whole week (maybe a week and a half already not quite sure ?) of it would probably drive anyone bonkers.


Since she is calling out to Jesus maybe petition the Ascended master for some help

Lady Eva has a Raphael Mantra on the forum which you can change to that of Jesus/Yeshua. If you’re looking for other spirits then Hel, Apollo, Sekhmet and Aset have given me great results.

For her teeth maybe try some clove if she can have it and gargling with salt water


Have her alternate gargling clove in hot water, oregano in hot water and hot salt water- several times a day for a few days-if she refuses to go to the dentist.

Common kitchen herbs, but they have antiseptic, and antibacterial properties.


So I got my mom to go to my dentist. She needs a tooth pulled but she was so see-saw indecisive about it today that the dentist ran out of time (she had another person scheduled to be seen after us) so it’s scheduled to happen next Tuesday. The dentist gave her antibiotic cuz it’s infected.

We were supposed to be there at 330 got there at 4 the dentist had another person booked for 5pm but got us in anyway but my mom kept changing her mind do it don’t do it til it was too late. At 10 minutes to 5 we finished booking another appointment (the one for next Tuesday morning.

I’ll update again to let you all know how it goes after her next appointment. Meantime send positive thought energies our way so she gets it done cuz she’s afraid to get it done and has let her fears get outa control over it.

It’s not even that big a procedure according to the dentist and having had a failed root canal of my own before where the tooth got pulled I know she’s blowing it way out of proportion.

So positive thought energies our way if your wiling please.


Positive energy and thoughts sent your way :sparkles::sparkles:

I had a tooth pulled and was scared shitless. They gave me a Xanax to take the morning of, so I can calm down, then put me under. I don’t remember any intense pain, just some soreness, swelling and a bit of bleeding. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

Once you get mom calmed down, everything should flow afterwards. I understand her anxiety, especially with a failed root canal. Just keep her calm if you can, the antibiotics should help clear up any infection and in turn take some of the pain away.


You can try healing with a pendulum

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UPDATE: Mom got the tooth fixed (the topless root pulled) :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Time’ll tell how she feels post pull but so far so good😁 Maybe now she’ll stop driving me nuts I hope so anyway.

So far she’s feeling better now that it’s gone.
So I am happy cuz she got it taken care of and is feeling better.


I had an infected tooth two years ago, it spread into the bone and it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Ever.

This seems to be her mantra. When we are in pain we cry after whoever we think is gonna help us. And if saying that gives her some relieve, why not.

By the way, I know taking care of a parent or grandparent can be a lot. Maybe look for a professional who can at least help her with doctors appointments and such things?

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@Helena Ya. I agree and also that’s a good idea

I think her previous dentist who retired from the biz missed one of the roots pulling a tooth or something seeing as there was no top to it it was just the root and it was under the gum (which had grown over it). No way to prove her previous dentist malpracticed causing this but he probably did. At least it’s now fixed.

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Sometimes teeth have an extra root and they’re not always visible in the x-rays. It happens.
My tooth just quietly died without me noticing much, just a little bit of pain sometimes when I had a cold. When I told the dentist, he took an x-ray and discovered that the infection had already make a part of my jaw bone soft and he was suprised I wasn’t in constant pain. He then did a root canal treatment and that was when my body realized it should feel pain.

I hope your mom stays well abd you don’t have so much stress. :sparkles:

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That is awesome, Kish! She should feel better in no time.

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