New to vampirism

I want to begin leeching energy from people. How do I begin?

The first thing,IMO,to do when you start any path,is to reasearch it’s mythology,it’s lore,it’s symbolism etc.

For example,vampires,I’ve discovered,through a lot of literary analysis,were meant to represent the darker aspects of humanity,the taboo things made real.

Taking another’s life to feed your own…

On top of the erotic,and sexual associations vampires have,like what Dracula does to Mina Harker,and Lucy Westenra,both innocent ingenues…

Carmilla’s homosexuality…Clarimonde’s blasphemy by seducing a priest…Dracula’s possible incest and his obvious polygamy…

Dracula practices black magick,Clarimonde held orgies,Varney the Vampire killed…these are just some examples of fictional vampires and you can see the heavy symbolism of the taboos.

It is the role of horror to reflect what the people fear.That’s why zombies have been so popular in the past century or so,as the fear of a nuclear war drives all people to fear that fate.

But in repressed,Victorian times,the monster wasn’t what might happen if the superpowers explode…the monster was that beast within the hearts of men,that urged them to be lascivious,and violent.

EA Koetting’s books mention psychic vampirism’s history,albeit loosely.They tell the tale,that after Anton La Vey’s church came about,some people thought of making a whitewashed version of Satanism,where the people could think evil thoughts and act evil,but stopped themselves from doing evil.

Psychic vampirism emerged,in it’s full glory,as part of a counter counter movement.I genuinely believe that in order to fully adopt a vampiric mindset,one aught to study not only vampirism,but LaVeyan Satanism,at least from a philosophical standpoint.

To believe in indulgence,instead of abstinence,for example,is the core of the experience.

And vampires have been around for much longer.Superstitions on diseases and stuff ,but check out all the skeptic stuff here:

Of course,these things have been around for a long time.Vampire lore is ubiquitous,in every culture,in every time of history.And it’s good to study them,and look at the way they act.

This also serves as subjective synthesis,into a vampiric subculture.Really,a lot of people are into that subculture and stuff without any occultism,but I’ve found it to be something of a catalyst,when first starting this path.

Being fond of wearing old clothes,reading old books(many of which do feature vampires),already having a weird accent,and basically feeling like a vampire,much of that was innate to me.

I also studied,beyond just EA’s,and Uncle Chuckie’s,feeding stuff,and stuff here,various sources online,as well as the Order of Aset Ka(which combined with my Kemetic obsessions)

However,NONE of this is necessary to get into the vampire path.The first is,to start looking at this world as a big farm,from which you will reap energy.And then,learn to use your left hand to drain.

This will all depend on personal ethics and situations.You can feed on someone while helping support them emotionally(sometimes I do this to friends in order to make them tired,and make them sleep,so the whirlwind of emotions would leave them and they can face the problem rationally and stuff),or in moments of high tension.

Grab the person’s right hand,and place it with your left hand.There’s no specific posture needed,although some ways of grabbing are clearly better fthan others.IMO,the best,and most acceptable,is palms simply touching.

Look at them in the eyes.Starting a theta-gamma sync at this point is useful.Look at them,try to perceive their aura.As you breathe in,imagine using their right hand,to pull a form of weird indigo light from their system,into yours.

As you inhale,pull it into yourself.As you exhale,seal it into yourself.Repeat this.Because of how slow this process is for beginners,to absorb a satisfactory amount of energy,you’d need like 50 breaths.

You arrive at a point,when you can do it in five.

If this operation isn’t something you can perform for whatever reason,then it’s best to start directly feeding through gaze.But that’s a bit more advanced,so start with that.

I like having people go through some sort of preparatory immersion,as I go through it before almost anything.And a simple methods to begin to learn feeding,you can develop a disastrously powerful handshake.

I’ve actually discussed this before on here,how you can make handshakes with people you dislike into literal meals.Lady Eva mentioned this is really good to experiment on politicians,as they tend to have long handshakes and almost never wanna be the first to break eye contact.


The Vampire Gate by Michael Ford would be a good place to start. He covers the basics to vampirism in this book. Even though its a pretty small book tt has plenty of rituals and meditations for you to start out with. Goodluck!