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Hey, this is an introduction post & info on my experience with the occult.
I’ve had second sight sense I can remember and started doing third eye activating exercises and studying the tibetan book of the dead and the eastern paradigms circa age 12-14. I began experimentation with psychedelics shortly after this which awakened many other psychic gifts and led me to many insights that led me to my studies of shamanism of Native american and amazonian cultures. I had a full blown spiritual awakening after this and my newfound mystical worldview and the intense issues that came with it led me to the realization that I awakened my kundalini during this time and began praticing meditation more frequently and various yogic exercises, leading to ever more research Digging down that rabbithole I was led eventually to aleister crowley circa 18 years old and being of a very empathic yet dark nature I found much understanding and acceptance of this darkness in the left hand path philosophy. I started practicing chaos magic following this period with great success, and it morphed into a pseudo-psychedelic chaos magick practice. I began to focus more on the psychological and philosophical side of things the past couple years to further ground my newfound worldview into my life and career. Now that I have much more wisdom and experience I am slowy going back to active practice, versus a more mystic knowledge accumulating approach the past couple years. I decided to join this forum to share my knowledge and absorb more from other likes minded individuals and more experienced practitioners. Thats me


Thank you for the intro, and welcome to the BALG forum! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the family and wow your rocking it!

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Thanks! I’m glad to be apart of it!